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Part 64: Mission #60: TCS Concordia, Ghorah Khar system

Mission #60: TCS Concordia, Ghorah Khar system

Previously on Wing Commander: A pretty hairy encounter with a bunch of Grikaths. However, one Kilrathi ace pilot less in the end, Kur the Human-killer has ceased to exist. Also, flying with Hobbes is kind of a mixed bag.

Concordia bridge is actually pretty neat looking!

...and I have sufficient influence to get you onto the flight roster. No matter what others say, I do not believe you are the "Coward of K'Tithrak Mang".

Why such a sudden reaction to the mention of Downtown?

A bit later...

That was quite a while ago...

...but conquered the invaders by converting them to the Mandarin way of life. Our current Mandarins are Human spies working for the Kilrathi. The cats offered the Mandarins high positions in the Empire for their help.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen! Humans in high positions in the Empire--no way!

Seriously, what IS up with Downtown and Hobbes? And there's also the fact that Sparks suggested we should ask him about it; though now is probably not a good time.

The Bonnie Heather is not an ordinary freighter. The safe passage of that freighter is vital to our operations here. Bring the freighter back via Nav Two to avoid enemy patrols. After this mission, we'll see about more 'consequential' assignments, mes amis.

I guess she's not going to tell us why it's so important?

Well, everybody's favourite kind of mission--escorting a transport! But this one actually has a hidden condition that is for once to your advantage! Also, a burning question, will Hobbes eject again? Anyway, enough joking, let's fly. Note: this is a plot related mission.
Like I said, the difficulty curve in this game is literally all over the place. After that nasty fight with Grikaths, we get something a lot more relaxing. Especially when you know that due to its importance to the plot, the freighter is actually flagged as indestructible--that is the hidden thing I was referring to above--so you are free to do whatever you want with those Jalkehi (and they are ALL Jalkehi despite the bug that for some reason indicates some of them as Grikaths on your screen--there are NO Grikaths in this mission). Even if may look like it's almost destroyed, the Bonnie Heather will always survive this mission since its main task is to bring back our old friend Paladin into the story!

To be honest, I think they could have handled this better and made it so that in some way you either get captured or something so that you would get some sort of 'game over' if you fail the mission (like that one in Gwynedd), rather than simply making you always succeed as long as you stay alive.

Other than that, those Drakhri at the start are quite the joke and if it takes you more than a few seconds to get rid of all of them, you're doing something wrong. Hobbes continues to steal our kills by the dozen, and also decides to eject at the point where the mission is basically over. I thought that was particularly silly, but maybe it's because he's promised to the Admiral that he will not get himself killed. In any case, while he's there and as long as you stay out of his line of fire, he's quite a good wingman, one of the best.

He had to eject, but S&R made the pick up. I proceeded to rendezvous with the freighter. The furballs were already all over her when I got there...
Paladin mentioned that to me. You defended his ship well. Well, the flight recorder shows that you got 5 Kilrathi and Hobbes took out 4 Kilrathi.

No need to waste time, let's go see Paladin!


A totally awesome flowery shirt. You just need some shades to be able to look at it!



Ah. Yeah, that second explanation seems more likely to me.

Eh? That's a bit odd.

To be continued.

Current kill total: 60 missions/553 kills

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