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Part 67: Mission #63: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Mission #63: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Previously on Wing Commander: Our return from Olympus station was interrupted and we had to defend it--however, apparently Hobbes got all credit there. Also the mystery of Downtown is finally solved.

Walked right into that one, didn't he?

Good save!

But in the meantime, Christopher, you watch yourself. I hear the Kilrathi called off their attack on Ghorah Khar, which left the Concordia free to check out Novaya Kiev. But it makes no sense for the Kilrathi to pull back now.

And then...

The Kilrathi have fallen back from Ghorah Khar, and we've followed them here to Novaya Kiev. They've retreated from this system as well, allowing us to retake it. Even so, we've detected a few enemy vessels and stations left behind.

She knows him very well as you can see!

Undefended. Right, understood.

So for our first real Broadsword mission, we get a strike against a Kilrathi supply depot. This is what it looks like:

Supply Depot

Class: Space Station
Length: 806.3 Meters
Mass: 40000 tonnes
Weapons: Flak Cannon (2x)
Shields: Phase Shields
Armour: Front: 400 cm; Right: 300 cm; Left: 300 cm; Rear: 400 cm.

For this, we are going to need the torpedoes, since it has phase shields. Additionally, the supply depot we are looking for is on the other side of the system, so we'll have to use hyperspace drive to get there and then refuel on the other end.

And we might also run into one or more of these transport ships:


Class: Transport
Length: 95 Meters
Mass: 5000 tonnes
Max Velocity: 200 kps
Cruise Velocity: 100 kps
Acceleration: Poor
Maximum Yaw: 2 dps
Maximum Pitch: 2 dps
Maximum Roll: 2 dps
Weapons: Flak Cannon (2x)
Shields: Fore: 19 cm equivalent; Aft: 19 cm equivalent.
Armour: Front: 17 cm; Right: 16 cm; Left: 16 cm; Rear: 17 cm.

These are not very different from the old Dorkir ships, but have slightly stronger defense.

This is actually a pretty cool mission and as you can see there are quite a few new things introduced in it (and even one that was not planned).
So that person on the refueling ship sounded a bit like they've been consuming some controlled substances shortly before, but ok. Anyway, this mission can be a lot of fun, since you get to do a few things you haven't done before, and also at the same time, it's not too hard. The rescue of Doomsday wasn't planned (wish they'd stop constantly ejecting; especially since in a Broadsword I can't get over to them quickly to help them out), but I though I might as well show it.

About the torpedoes, the only problem is that they take a little bit of time to lock on so you should try and stand somewhere safe while that is going on. As demonstrated, you are going to have to come close to your target to fire them and with the kind of defences that capital ships (including starbases) have, as I mentioned, this would be mostly suicidal in anything much weaker than a Broadsword (you may have noticed that just one approach to the supply depot almost completely depleted our shields--you can make do with less shields on something that has afterburners, but still need to be careful here; you can't simply approach a carrier with a Hornet and plonk it with lasers until it dies--that's not going to work as you'll be dead sooner).

As far as picking up wingmen goes, you do not have to do it and they will always be fine, but it's fun to do and it will make you feel better to do it if you have a ship that's capable of it, such as Broadsword. There are upcoming missions where we'll have to pick up other kinds of objects too.

Finally a decent number...

Finally a nice little boost to our score!

Current kill total: 63 missions/573 kills

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