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Part 68: Mission #64: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Mission #64: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Previously on Wing Commander: Fun with Broadswords! We had a chance to use quite a few new features of this bomber, among them the jump drive and the torpedoes.

I saw him on the VDU… He said his targeting computer was down. I ordered him out of there... then his thrusters went haywire. He was flying in circles, out of control...

I suppose technically he's right, but there may have been better ways of saying this.

Getting into space is definitely preferable to listening to more of this. So after some sleep...

I guess she would know something like this...

Well, we wanted to get a more exciting mission... so here it is.

So, nothing special to say right now, let's just go and save Stingray even if he hasn't always been particularly nice to us; not to mention that chip on the shoulder of his.
As you can see, this is relatively straightforward--mainly to demonstrate the use of tractor beam (which we have already used previously anyway). Also, against something like Drakhri it becomes painfully obvious how actually slow is a Broadsword--you can imagine what it would be like to fight a bunch of Sartha (and we'll have to do it at some point)!

Just be a little bit careful when fighting the Drakhri to not spend too much time in the defence zone of the two corvettes--they may not have phase shields, but they do still have pretty nasty flak cannons. Since they don't have phase shields, you can deal with them any way you want, but I suggest torpedoes simply because it's faster (although again with a Broadsword, faster is a very relative term!). Don't worry about Stingray, as nothing can happen to him--ejected pilots cannot be shot down or damaged in any way, as has already been pointed out.

Well then, let's go to the bridge; will we receive a commendation for our heroic action I wonder?

Oh well. I guess a reprimand is the best we can expect these days...

Current kill total: 64 missions/585 kills

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