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Part 69: Mission #65: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Mission #65: TCS Concordia, Novaya Kiev system

Previously on Wing Commander: We had to go and rescue Stingray, despite being ordered to return to the Concordia; this earned us a reprimand, but we already down at the bottom, so not like we can go any lower, is it.

Um, calm down. Stingray is trying to be nice here!

Well, this was totally uncalled for! A bit of an attitude overload here. But I guess 10 years of toiling on a space station results in this.

Again, perhaps there was a better way to convey this though!

Oh the other hand, it HAS been 10 years ago...

Let's get out into space...

You know, I think Angel deserves quite a bit of credit for how she's handling all of this!

We have reports of attacks all across the sector. They have hit our colonies in the Fiddler's Green, Niflheim, and Midian systems. We do not yet have casualty reports.

Maverick and Doomsday, you will jump out to assist the TCS Hector in the attack against the Fralthra cruiser. Once you defeat the Fralthra, escort the Hector to the Concordia.

Ok, so our main objective is a Fralthra cruiser on the other end of the system--we finally get to destroy one ourselves instead of escorting others to do it. Also, there will be a human destroyer, the Hector in the vicinity to help us. I'll tell you right now: Hector won't do a thing, it's going to be all up to us. But, here is some information just to give you an idea of what it is; it is a Gilgamesh class destroyer--Concordia's escort, the William Tell, is actually the same type of ship:

Gilgamesh class

Class: Destroyer
Length: 312.1 Meters
Mass: 10000 tonnes
Max Velocity: 250 kps
Cruise Velocity: 100 kps
Acceleration: Poor
Maximum Yaw: 2 dps
Maximum Pitch: 2 dps
Maximum Roll: 2 dps
Weapons: Flak Cannons (2x), Anti-matter guns (2x)
Shields: Phase shields
Armour: Front: 250 cm; Right: 200 cm; Left: 200 cm; Rear: 250 cm.

And now we can go on ahead.
Like I said, the Hector is pretty useless and you can even see it leaving as you approach the Fralthra! Luckily, the battle with Jalkehi is not too hard, but you need to remember, as always, in a Broadsword: don't try to track your target by turning, use turrets instead if you can; it's much more efficient that way. This Fralthra, by the way, is not particularly aggressive; you will have a chance to see in the next mission what it looks like when a capital ship really wants to nail you!

And then the Grikaths... you may still have painful memories from that last battle with Kur and his entourage, but this one is much easier if nothing else because these guys (a) actually let you come close and (b) they are somewhat distracted by the Hector--whom by the way they CAN destroy, but this is unlikely to happen as any attempt from their side to lock on the torpedoes should be met by you killing them on the spot. Speaking of which... isn't it amazing how technically advanced this game is, that you can encounter enemies with visibly different character and behaviour--and all than with 1991-level processing power. Not to mention it all looks so good, it's easy to forget that it's running in a measly 320x200 resolution!

That is a pretty funny bug when you hit something as you come out of a jump--I think it's the Hector as it flies a bit erratic and there are other places where it may bump into you accidentally.

Current kill total: 65 missions/593 kills

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