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Part 72: Mission #68: TCS Concordia, Heaven's Gate system

Mission #68: TCS Concordia, Heaven's Gate system

Previously on Wing Commander: Our first mission in an Epee was a bit hit and miss, the second part mainly coming from the lack of durability of said fighter and the first from the fact that we are flying with Spirit who is awesome. Incidentally she seems to be having a bit of a personal problem due to having been contacted by the presumed human traitor aboard the Concordia for as yet unknown reasons.

This, by the way, was in the data capsule we recovered.

You will meet them at the designated Nav point, then head to the jump point. Afterwards, you are to investigate possible enemy movements at the point marked Unknown on your Nav map.

Alrighty then. So we need to make sure a couple of military transports jump out safely and then investigate a particular area for enemy activity. Sounds simple enough. The transports that we are escorting, incidentally, are Clydesdale-class ships, like this one:

Clydesdale class

Class: Military transport
Length: 73.3 Meters
Mass: 4000 tonnes
Max Velocity: 150 kps
Cruise Velocity: 100 kps
Acceleration: Bad
Maximum Yaw: 2 dps
Maximum Pitch: 2 dps
Maximum Roll: 2 dps
Weapons: Flak cannons (2x)
Shields: Front: 25cm; Rear: 25cm
Armour: Front: 12 cm; Right: 11 cm; Left: 11 cm; Rear: 12 cm.

Just a typical transport ship, nothing notable about it. In fact we have seen them a couple of times already, for example the refueling ship a few missions ago was of this type.
So if you were worried about the escort part of this mission, now you know that there even isn't one (at least not the part where you defend the transports from attack). In general, you can see how in WC2 they have toned down the escort missions considerable to the extent that there was only one real one so far (the one with the two transports with us flying alone). In all other cases either there was no attack to begin with or the enemy didn't bring anything that can actually destroy whatever it is that we were protecting.

The fight against enemy Drakhri and Jalkehi also seems to me easier than the one in previous mission for some reason. In any case, as before, you need to be careful as you can only take a couple of hits before you really start to get damaged. With Jalkehi it's even easier due to their slowness. Jazz won't really do much to help (as before) so his presence makes little difference except maybe as another target to distract the enemy while you shoot at them.

The way this sentence was left hanging makes me shiver with antici

I wish we knew exactly WHAT is going on with this whole Spirit business... but as everything, I guess we'll find out at some point.


Current kill total: 68 missions/611 kills

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