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Part 76: Mission #72: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Mission #72: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Previously on Wing Commander: Fun stuff with Stingray. Also we ran into Paladin again and had to defend his ship... again.

Well it wouldn't be Paladin if he didn't have a tale to tell, would it now? Just as we came to the Tiger's Claw, many years ago, this happened...

...and sure enough, he is still getting the same kind of reactions.

Creepy paw.

Major Edmond sure knows well when we need to escape a conversation!

We've detected a pair of Dorkathi troop transports in the system. We don't know why they have strayed from their destroyer escort, but you and Stingray will intercept them and stop them from rejoining their convoy.

...our Marines don't have to worry about. We expect that they'll have a fighter escort, so be careful. The transports are your main targets, so don't let them escape. They don't have phase shields, so you can use guns on them instead of missiles. The Concordia will continue on her current course and you will rendezvous with us after your mission.

So this is just a typical strike against a couple of transports, and for once, there are no tricks, the mission really is exactly what we were told to do!
This one actually isn't too hard. Sure, the Sartha's are an annoyance, but really not a huge threat regardless. When you approach the area with the transports, just be careful as those Jalkehi are a little awkwardly positioned, a little too close together I think, so you'd best be advised to try and go around them a little bit initially and the rest should come easy.

As for the transports, unfortunately, the WC1 strategy of standing just outside the range of their guns and shooting isn't really going to work due to their increased range; also you are in a Rapier and can't take that much damage; so you'll probably have to do a couple of runs against the first transport. The second one for some reason will not attack you at all (I have seen this behaviour also during a couple of test runs, so it does seem to happen that way every time) so that one is no problem. Just make sure to get them both as the second one only arrives a little later.

Stingray is still a pretty good wingman, other than being, like Hobbes, trigger happy on the eject button. Just don't pick the same target that he does, in fact stay away completely from where he is so you don't get shot by him. I like how he seems to be the only one to use anything even remotely approaching profanity in his communication!

But wait, there's more!

It's been a while, but yes, you guessed it, it's time to visit with prince Thrakhath again! Just what has HE been up to during this entire time? Let's find out (and again it's a fully voiced video with pasted on subtitles):
Actually, some interesting bits there, giving a bit more detail among other things to the ending of SM1! Now we know who that fleet admiral that was executed for his failure actually was!

Current kill total: 72 missions/638 kills

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