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Part 79: Mission #75: TCS Concordia, Enigma system

Mission #75: TCS Concordia, Enigma system

Previously on Wing Commander: We had a chance to escort TCS William Tell on a strike against an enemy destroyer. Also, fun with dumb-fires.

Wait, what! When did this happen!

Well, how old is this cat anyway?

And after we've sobered up, it's time for a...

What the! WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. HERE! (The traitor, maybe?)

After we double-jump, the Concordia will power down for repairs. All wings will launch after we jump in-system. Because these missions are so vital to our survival, I will be flying as well. Maverick and I will be Alpha Wing.

This makes little sense considering that Maverick has been out of action for years.

Again, the task is pretty clear, we need to clear both ends of a jump point. That of course means Broadsword, our only jump-capable ship. Let's see how we do.
Groan. Why can't we get any slower ships to attack us now that we are in a Broadsword! But no, it had to be Sartha and Drakhri! In any case, none of them really pose a huge threat, but be careful that you don't get shot up from the back by those Sartha. Drakhri only have laser guns so are not likely to be able to do too much against your shields/armour. Probably good idea to save at least some of those FF missiles for the Sartha as they will die of one hit and it helps not having to chase them around in your slow ship.

Notice how I have not even mentioned that Kamekh that we destroyed. Well, honestly, it's almost an afterthought in this mission.

More generally, these couple of Broadsword missions with Angel are a major irritant due to the fact that they keep putting you against fast enemies in order to artificially rise the difficulty level. The next mission, as you will see, is especially problematic and is probably one of the most annoying ones in the entire game. Somebody was really having a laugh when they were designing it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Current kill total: 75 missions/652 kills

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