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Part 81: Mission #77: TCS Concordia, Enigma system

Mission #77: TCS Concordia, Enigma system

Previously on Wing Commander: Pretty tough battle against some Imperial Guards, but the end result is one Kilrathi base/listening post destroyed.

A nice game of cards again.

Since about year 2629, actually.

Who are you calling "cubling"!

Oh, Doomsday, what would we do without him to cheer us up.

Her expression says it all, I guess.

Once we have the tracking information, we'll jump after the Ralatha and destroy it, then rendezvous with the Concordia at another jump point.

So, in this one, to change it up a bit, we must let an enemy capital ship escape temporarily in order to be able to track it to its destination somewhere in the K'Tithrak Mang--incidentally the system in which this whole story started ten years ago. This mission is important as it largely decides whether you will get a good or bad "non-failure" ending if you play well in the subsequent missions, but more on that after the video.
Since the mission is completely straightforward, and much, much easier that the previous, let's talk a bit about how it affects the endings.

First of all, there is only one mission set after Enigma, and which one it will be is determined based on what you do in this mission. In order to get the "good" set, you must let the Ralatha jump and THEN destroy it. Any other outcome (Ralatha jumps and is not destroyed or Ralatha is destroyed before jumping), leads to the "bad" set. However, in each of those sets, there is still a failure and a, let's call it a "non-failure" ending. So it is possible to go to the "good" set and then fail, but is also possible to go to the "bad" set and "succeed", but in this case since this is the "defensive" set, success means that you have withdrawn but successfully defended and are not destroyed. Whereas in a good set, success means that your offensive has succeeded. In both cases it is possible to fail which, as before, leads to an outcome where more or less everything is destroyed.

Since we did succeed in doing what we were supposed to do with this Ralatha, our next system is, of course, K'Tithrak Mang and it's time to finish what was started ten years ago. The only problem is the wingman that we will have to fly with and of course there is the matter of those pesky stealth fighters which will no doubt be making some kind of appearance. Not to mention the as-yet undiscovered traitor on board. So, quite a mess, basically.

I will cover bits and pieces from the "bad" side as we go along. The missions in the "bad" set are largely the same (except for the final one) but contain some different dialogue and in at least one case, something much more interesting is said than what you get on the "good" side so we definitely want to check that out.

In the meantime, welcome to K'Tithrak Mang and I will see you there next time.

Current kill total: 77 missions/664 kills

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