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Part 83: Mission #79: TCS Concordia, K'Tithrak Mang system

Mission #79: TCS Concordia, K'Tithrak Mang system

Previously on Wing Commander: Almost ready for assault on Kilrathi Enigma sector command at K'Tithrak Mang. Flying with Jazz is still annoying.

Oh for the love of... How do you turn this guy off?

This sounds ominously simple for a mission this late in the game, doesn't it! Well, that's because it is. Have a look.
So, stealth fighters again. And we have an actual witness! True, it's just Jazz, but still, it's not like he can deny it or anything.

In any case, as far as the battle itself goes, the first encounter is a complete non-issue. The second one may be a bit more problematic because those Strakhas are flown by the Imperial guards, with all the problems that it brings. They will take a lot more hits to destroy and since landing hits on Strakhas is a bit of a problem to begin with... well, it's just very annoying since it's not like they can actually seriously damage you. In the end it's just a matter of playing hide and seek long enough until they are either dead or (more likely) have stealthily run away from you.

Strangely, Jazz actually seemed to be doing some work this time around! I think he even killed that one enemy, although it might have been my missile possibly.

Update from the "bad" side: The second mission on the "bad" side is basically identical to this one, featuring two waves of stealth fighters. The post-mission dialogue is just a bit less celebratory though, e.g. Maverick doesn't invite Angel over to the observation deck for some fun.

Well, time to see what Angel has to say to all this...

Let's see if she's going to believe us NOW!

And plus we even have a witness!

Why don't you do just that!

Heh heh.

Current kill total: 79 missions/678 kills

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