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Part 87: Mission #83: TCS Concordia, Pembroke system

Mission #83: TCS Concordia, Pembroke system

Previously on Wing Commander: The jubilant atmosphere after the victory at K'Tithrak Mang is somewhat spoiled due to unexpected large enemy presence in Pembroke system.

A real missed opportunity here, the Super Ferrets really should have ended up with a 'C-57D' designation instead!

This ship isn't new to us, it was mentioned once by Spirit who had just come back from escorting it, back during the Firekka campaign! Sad to see it has been destroyed.

Jumping into an unknown situation... we'll need every hot pilot we have. Have they told you what your new assignment is going to be yet? I can just see you as the commander of a carrier's fighter squadron!

Unfortunately, we can't tell her where we are going.

Twenty minutes later...

...and you're a lot more fun to be around, now that you're not so tense. Say, I heard that you're going to be taking some R&R. Going anywhere exciting?

This game series is often terrible at continuity, and such is the case also with this mention of Maverick's home being Earth. There WILL be others mentioned, too.

Major Edmond detected communications from an enemy patrol that we believe was transmitting jump co-ordinates to a larger strike force. Because of this, we are sending you to patrol all jump points in this area.

[Nope, that's not correct French either. It should say 'bonne chance'. The French bits were mostly correct so far, not sure why there are so many errors suddenly.]

And as always, just as we think we can relax for a bit, things start to heat up again, for reason still unknown, but likely having to do something with Ghorah Khar. So, another patrol in a Ferret it is then.
Well, this turned out to be quite a fun mission in my opinion. Obviously, the two Drakhri at the start have only got a few seconds to live, so you can proceed onwards to where the enemy 'strike force' is.

Too bad you can't do anything with the Fralthra cruisers due to lack of torpedoes on a Ferret, but that's why you have no less than SIX Grikaths to play with. And play with them you should as in a Ferret you are so fast that they really shouldn't be able to do much to you (except if they somehow manage to gang up on you, but Stingray should prevent that from happening). But you can do quite a bit to them, with those fast firing mass-drivers. Their range is a bit limited compared to other kinds of guns, but the rate of fire is unparalleled, and as I've mentioned will absolutely destroy the Grikaths. Literally the only thing that you need to be careful about is that you don't get hit by shots from their neutron gun turrets, as you really can't take more than a couple of those before getting seriously damaged in a Ferret.

Obviously, those two Fralthra will have to be dealt with, but that's for the next mission.

So... to be continued.

Current kill total: 83 missions/702 kills

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