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Part 91: Mission #87: TCS Concordia, Rigel system

Mission #87: TCS Concordia, Rigel system

Previously on Wing Commander: A distress signal from a Kilrathi corvette lead us into a whole swarm of hostile human pilots from the TCS Gettysburg. Hopefully we'll soon find out exactly what happened there, since it's delaying our transfer to Paladin's Special Operations division...

Wait, that's Stingray there, but who's she?

Oh, right, it's Major Edmond, the person we only knew so far in a scan-lined version on a communications screen.

Yep... we know that already, unfortunately.

Uh-oh, wrong move there...

I am sensing a bit of... animosity? But why?

Well, colour me surprised. She only says this about, oh... every other mission?

Hm, a new ship you say. Wonder if we will get to fly it at some point? Additionally, I was also wondering if the Earth was round.

Oh, it's based on Broadsword. Well then I'm not quite so excited any more. But we'll see, maybe they added the afterburners? We can dream.

I guess his priorities certainly are straight!

Your mission is to rendezvous with those pilots and bring them back to the Concordia. Their message said that there are two factions among the Gettysburg crew. One group that wants to deal with us, and the other that does not trust us at all. So you must be prepared for a fight, Maverick.

Well then, it's time for our LAST EVER mission in an Epee! And none too soon, if you ask me; although incidentally, the Epee is the least used fighter in WC2 and its expansions: only 5 missions in all, including this one. As for me, I'd take a Ferret instead any day. Based on the briefing, obviously we'll have to fight a bunch of Ferrets and Epees from the Gettysburg again, and this mission is really more or less just as hard as the previous (ok, maybe it's just a tiny bit easier, but not by much).
So, those Ferrets sure are dangerous when there's no wingman to watch your back, aren't they? But anyway, the first encounter with the two Epees is really the easiest part. It is almost always possible to destroy one while they are still far and then the other one really poses no threat, so you should be able to get out of this undamaged.

The Ferrets you encounter next are another matter entirely. You should try again to get rid of one immediately, but due to their flight path, this is a bit harder to do. If you do end up fighting both of them at the same time, be very very careful as one will ALWAYS try to shoot you from behind. As soon as you hear mass drivers firing, fly off in another direction and evade them! You CANNOT take a full set of mass driver shots and survive! Like I said, you have no wingman here so this is much harder than the similar encounter in previous mission.

The last bit against four Epees is basically the same as the main battle of last mission; that is to say, total chaos with particle cannon shots flying in all directions, including friendly fire from your newly acquired wingmen, Bear and Bodybag. Speaking of which, Bear is a plot character and therefore cannot die (he will eject if he gets too damaged). Bodybag is just a redshirt and may die if you aren't careful.

So, goodbye Epee and good riddance. Next mission is in a Sabre (yeah!).

And now, the Admiral!

Current kill total: 87 missions/724 kills

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