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Part 93: Mission #88: TCS Concordia, Rigel system

Mission #88: TCS Concordia, Rigel system

Previously on Wing Commander: More annoying battles with those TCS Gettysburg pilots; however we meet up with one of them, Bear, with whose help we may be able to resolve this situation before it escalates even more.

So this is what the Concordia brig looks like.

My squadron and Lieutenant Colonel Poelma, we told Ransom to get lost and left. Admiral, maybe what we did was wrong, the mutiny against Commodore Cain...

We'll need to retake that depot and the Gettysburg to resolve this situation. Bear says that Lieutenant Colonel Poelma and his squadron want to return to the Confederation, while the piratical forces are now occupying the depot.

He's really mellowed, hasn't he?

Oooo, me, me, pick me!


So, we got ourselves a new character!

1st Lt. Jason Bondarevsky ("Bear")

Born in a Russian colony in Alpha Centaury, from a Russian father and Australian mother, Bear is a fiery young pilot, completely devoted to the ideals of the Confederation--so completely devoted, in fact, that he faked his credentials and joined the military even though he was underage. Passionate, yet cool under fire, Bear is a good man to have on your wing any time.

And now on to the mission.

Oh-ho-ho, it's revenge time, YES! Flying in a Sabre, and absolutely NO wingmen; let's see what those "pirates" can do to us now! No, seriously, after the frustrations of the previous two missions, this one is just great fun.
There's nothing I can even say about this one... just go out there and blast everybody out of existence with your guns--and if you get bored, well that's what the missiles are for! Since you have the 'best gunner ever' manning your rear turret, no danger of getting into a sandwich either. Basically this will be over before you know it.

Good thing anyway, because reaching the Gettysburg is kind of a victory condition for this system. If you don't manage (I can't see how you would not manage, but...) then the next mission will be slightly different and feature some additional dialogue. No matter which version of next mission you end up playing, success in that one is mandatory as failure means game over. But I'll cover that in more detail in next update.

Unfortunately in next mission the redshirt wingmen are back... groan.

Current kill total: 88 missions/733 kills

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