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Part 99: Mission #94: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Mission #94: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Previously on Wing Commander: In a somewhat dangerous mission, we had to go and retrieve a data pod from a Kilrathi dead drop at the edge of a minefield. This will enable us to divert the path of the strike force incoming to attack the Olympus station.

Um, define 'small', please? Although at a guess I would have to say probably a couple of carriers and no more than 6 fighters, yes?

Really, Maverick? Really?

Luckily at least one person here is more or less a professional.

And then they really are coming...

[The subtitle colour is wrong again...]

Landis is a redshirt wingperson coming along for this mission with us and Hobbes.

Well then, as you saw, apart from Hobbes we get one more redshirt as our wingpeople in this mission; not quite sure why, because it would have been perfectly possible without them. The main problem with these Crossbow missions with multiple wingmen (other than friendly fire) is often the fact that the ship is so huge that they keep bumping into you just by virtue of flying on your wing. Also, this mission contains some really nifty torpedo action so you may want to give it a look if that interests you.
I have to say, that was some really efficient torpedo teamwork there between the three of us. Just as well, as those two Fralthra have a bit of a short fuse and are pretty quick to jump out if you try to take your time. Their destruction does not contribute anything to winning or losing, and in fact even if they escape, the briefing will simply say that you successfully routed them out of the system, so it's still good regardless. One other thing you may want to be careful about... when attacking the Fralthras, mind what your wingpeople are doing as you can accidentally find yourself in the path of one of their torpedoes, and you know what that means--instant death.

All the Drakhri you meet in this mission aren't really worth too many words as they are just as weak as ever. Perhaps try to save your limited number of missiles for the bunch defending the Fralthra so as to get them destroyed quicker. Firing off one FF missile into the crowd as you approach usually works quite well here.

Current kill total: 94 missions/776 kills

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