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Original Thread: Limbo of the Lost and Wirehead: Please Stop Breaking My Fourth Wall



I hope you kids like silly atrocious mid-90s FMV games!

What the hell is Wirehead?
Wirehead is a FMV game produced in 1995 for the Sega CD developed by the fine folks at "The Code Monkeys" and MGM Studios of all things. It is akin to Dragon's Lair in its execution in that the player must press in a direction/press a button at certain points and either immediately fails the game or else progress further.

So what does it have to do with Limbo of the Lost...?
They share a dorky insufferable hero who likes to haphazardly break the fourth wall. Nothing beyond that. Well, I think Wirehead manages to be even more batshit and non-sequitur filled than Limbo of the Lost. But at least it does it on its own terms. Wirehead at least manages to be amusing in its silly randomness.

So what is Wirehead about?
To quote the back of the clunky Sega CD case:

Wirehead's plot posted:

A freak accident left Ned Hubbard, mild mannered father and ordinary guy, with a wireless controller implanted in his brain. Now, a mad scientist wants to dissect Ned's head to discover the secrets of mind control! Using Ned's controller, you've got to escape the evil clutches of "Heels", the deadly seductress bent on prying open Ned's noodle.

So a nerdy suburban dad has a remote control (with matching Sega CD controller) shoved in his brain and terrorists want it so they can perform neurosurgery to mind control one person at a time! One person who will have a giant antenna sticking out of their ear. Yeah, it's pretty fucking ridiculous and makes fuck all sense. But that's Wirehead.

What is with the choice at the end of videos?
Wirehead, unlike most crappy FMV games, actually has several branching paths. The back of the game claims "over 80 minutes of seamless LIVE VIDEO with fast and furious interaction! Branching video, multiple paths, and short-cuts make every time you play a different live-action thriller!" About 95% of the choices will just lead to Ned getting captured and/or killed. But there really are fairly large branches occasionally. At least more than Heavy Rain.

So, we'll be taking a break in videos during those points and you jerks get to decide what we do next. Please post something relevant to the video and don't just blurt out a shit post single sentence "go left" response. Thanks.

Will we get to see some failure reels?
Of course! All the ridiculous amount of ways to make old Ned buy the farm are almost as amusing as the game itself. In just the first video there is around fifteen wrong choices all with unique videos.

What is with the terrible video quality?
It is a Sega CD FMV game, chief. That is how it looks straight off the disc. These was cutting edge technology...15 years ago... CDs man... Compact discs! Like woah!

Eww...subtitles! I don't like to read!
Then just watch the moving pictures and you'll still get at least three car chases, grizzly bear attacks, and plane based terrorism.

Episode I - SuburbiaViddler YouTube
Episode II - A Series of Unfortunate EventsViddler YouTube
Episode III - The SlammerViddler YouTube
Episode IV - Caulk the WagonViddler YouTube
Episode V - Separate WaysViddler YouTube
Episode VI - Tactical Middle Aged Action: Wire Head SolidViddler YouTube
Episode VII - The WireViddler YouTube

Failure Reel #1 - Suburban NightmareViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #2 - A Series of Fatal EventsViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #3 - The LockdownViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #4 - Ford the RiverViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #5 - Silly WaysViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #6 - Peace WalkerViddler YouTube
Failure Reel #7 - Snake EaterViddler YouTube
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