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Part 2: Entering the Castle

Part 2: Character creation and party

Let's create a bunch of assholes.

CAT BARD. STERV, coming from a line of people with feline qualities, STERV chose the path of the Bard as his profession. Following some sort of ad in the last tavern that ran him out for singing the SONG OF HIS PEOPLE, he finds himself at the doors of adventure.
Or horrible death. That can happen, too.

STERV did not get such a good roll, with the stats shown there being the baseline catfurry statistics.
Strength, Intelligence, Piety, Vitality, Dexterity, Speed and Perception, with Karma being special, which shall be seen later. Let's see what the Bard looks like.

Bards are not front line combatants, so STERV gets little strength. With any luck he won't get hit too much. Lute players need dextrous hands and fingers though, so that goes there. Though I have no idea how a cat person could properly play a stringed instrument if they have pad-like structures in the hands.
Or not. I dunno.

The Karma roll could've been better! But it'll do, I guess. Karma is rolled AFTER points have been allocated.

God damn, Sterv did not get SHIT in the skill points. Let's give him one in throwing at the moment.

He's really good at music though, but his hp and stamina are shit. Also let's give him some oratory (well, bards need to negotiate things! Maybe that is why he got ran out of them taverns) as well as a bit of legerdemain.
No, I am not implying that catpeople swindle and steal shit. Why would I need to imply that?

Next: DETPOPE, the DEATH POPE. Clerical being of great power, and skeletonicity. DETPOPE, being otherworldly, is in front of the Castle, in search of the fabled Cosmic Forge (more on that later). He joins with the party in order to acquire such a thing and utilize it.

A slightly better roll! Though it does not show the entire list of things that he could be. Let's make him a Bishop, which is clearly a status lower than what his name would indicate.

He needs to be rather pious, to be a pope don't you think? No, I don't think so, no, but we need high piety here.

12 Karma. Could've gone better

Ah, yes, magic. I forgot to screenshot how many bonus points he got, but eh, does not matter.
Also, for being a goddamn pope, 3 hp? What.
That is "get sneezed at and die" range! I guess becoming some sort of horrible grim reaper being has its drawbacks.

Ah, the magic selection screen. Both the Water spells available are appropriate for a horrible spooky dwarven grim bishop reaper. There were several spells that could've been chosen.
Fire school had: Energy Blast
Water had: Chilling Touch and Terror
Earth had : Armor Shield and Direction
Mental disciplines had: Sleep
That is on level one though. Let's see what else is available once we have chosen Chilling TOuch.

Yes. THat.

Bless and charm, eh?

Oooh that's more like it. A grim reaper would go for making them, but we need HEALTH.

Yes. That is fine.


Damn! That was a good roll! MONMOON could be whatever he wants!

He is a psychic thing. Yes. Max intelligence? Yes please. Should've made him faster, I guess.

That works. He does not shave, for a reason.

Mental attack it is!

Also sleep. Sleep is really important. Insomnia sucks, you know?

TINKLEE, the diminutive Faerie Monk. Who said sprites could not be martial artists? She ran away in order to become all she can be, and become the absolute puncher.

She packs a wallop! Also, she is more durable than the goddamn skeleton.


And yeah why not, let's give her some Ninja skillz. You never know when that is gonna be useful.

what the fuck is Kirijutsu. Also she follows Madam Blavatsky.

Better punching.

Hailing from other lands, SNAKE, the ninja. His Snake is Solid, not naked. Hm. Should've gone with Raiden then.
Not Rules of Nature Raiden though.

THat looks more or less balanced to me.

: "Kept you waiting, huh?"

Huh, he is skileld in hands and feet? Okay. I would've thought swords or daggers but that's fine.

Skilled in the art of flipping out, though he is not particularly stealthy.

Let's make him a bit more of a rogue. Even though he is an asshole loner with massive ptsd.

TINYSAN, the Hobbit Samurai. Eschewing pastoral tranquility for the way of the Sword, this particular Halfling finds himself in a quest to prove himself.
Also, he still likes 5 meals a day.

GOD DAMN that is a bad karma roll.

He is samurai.

He follows the way of the sword.

And with that we have a party. Let's organize it.

TINKLEE and TINYSAN will be the frontliners, since they are skilled in physical things. DETPOPE is a caster, Snake... Well I don't know yet. We'll see. STERV is a utility class and he will throw shit, so being behind is better for him. MONMOON is a caster. Positioning matters!


This is the universal password (no it isn't)

It worked. We can go in.

: "The ad in the tavern said this was abandoned! Felpurr not liking this one bit!"
: "This is a procure on site mission, correct? "
: "As far as I know, this is a 'bring your own gear' mission. So I did."
: "Figures. "

"Small scampering noises echo down far distant corridors, a reminder that it is you who are the intruder here..."

And now the party is inside the Castle. What waits for them there?