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Part 3: First fight, first fuckup

Very well, we started a new game, but we had nothing to see or say about it just then. Character generation was done and the first step was taken, but nothing was accomplished ingame. Let's see if we can change that today.

BUT ALSO, GRID CARTOGRAPHER. Seriously, I cannot state how great this thing is.
As far as I know, doors in Wizardry are edge based. So, let's use that. If you have any interest on playing old (or not so old) first person dungeon crawlers, this thing is a godsend.

AND IT HAS A KEYBOARD MODE. So you can just alt+tab out of it and do things really fast with just a few keystrokes. I find that it works better this way.

It is quite flexible. Seriously, the best thing since graphing paper. There are several possible configurations, with this blueprint one being the default. I'll show other configurations after this post.

ANYWAYS, let's go back to Wizardry.

I am really glad that GOG removed the DRM.

Well, there is no turning back. The door is closed.

So, let's set that up. Door closed. Locked. Impassable for the moment.

So instead let us map this place a little while. Right now we have no cardinal direction indicator. The compass has no needle.

So, the only way to get our bearings at the moment is through the map.

: "A compass is neither a sword nor a snack. Thus I brought neither."
: "I have natural sense of direction! We are, uh... Facing south! It smells like south!"
: "It smells like mold, dust, stone and decay."
: "I really thought this was supposed to be a procure on site mission."

: "Hrng, it's locked."

And here we have our first locked door. We can unlock them through several means. We can force it with a strong character, or we can try to pick it.

This is what it looks like. Snake cannot pick it. You need to press Enter as many times as there is a colored square. If the square stops in green, it is a success. If all stop in green, the door is open.
Snake does not get anything but red. We can't pick doors just yet.

: "I... I can't do it."

So instead let us try to force it.

: "Make way, pipsqueak. Let me show you how a REAL FIGHTER does it."

Similarly, in this case we have two bars, the top bar is fluctuating wildly, while the lower bar is static. The lower bar indicates the resistance of the door. The upper one, well, the force that is being used to force it. TINKLEE is rather strong (18, I think?) so it is not difficult.

I still almost fail at it though, if it matches it, it opens. If it exceeds it, it opens, but if the red bar is longer, well, it remains closed.

Oh boy. Ten animated, flesh eating plant things.

Let's see what can be done.

Snake can be sneaky, hide, and then try to punch people from the shadows. He IS a stealth operative, after all.

... Punches? What?

At least he was moderately effective.

: "My body is a weapon."

Shit. He has ONE point left of unlife.


So, let us make use of one of his magic spells. He has 4 magic points. One can choose what level/strength the spell can use, having stronger effects, and a higher cost in magic.

DETPOPE is hurt, so let's use it on him.

Ah, this. THis is something I should've done before.

See that?
He is naked.
EVERYONE IS NAKED. You need to manually equip ALL THE STARTING GEAR. I wandered into the first encounter naked. That is not good.

: "Weapons are for those that have not mastered discipline over one's own body."
: "Having armor on would be safer."

So let's give TINYSAN his weapons.

: "Prepare to taste Hanzo Steel, vegetable interlopers!"

Yeah. That is better.

Now, with the proper equipment, Tinysan gets two possible attacks. I don't think thrusting a sword would be effective against plant tentacles, but swinging might do the trick.
I like the detail that it shows what they have on their hands. Little details.

Snake is still in the shadows, but he hasn't got shit equipped. Let's see if his shuriken does anything.

DETPOPE, as well, has nothing on his bony frame. He does have a bitchin' hat stashed though.

STERV is a starving catbard, so he has only tattered cloth gear. And his lute.
Using the Lute all the time is a good idea.

MONMOON has psychic abilities, but after two turns, he is spent.


RULES OF... wait what?

: "It avoided my attack!? IT CANNOT BE"
: "No, you just missed. HERE IS HOW IT IS DONE."

Well now. That was quite a punch there.

: "AGH, I pulled my back!"

Meanwhile, STERV finds out that the skills that got him kicked out of the taverns are actually useful in the field of battle. He is so boring that he puts PLANTS to sleep.

Not bad for a band of naked idiots, and one decked samurai that can't hit a goddamn barn.



So, let's map it up.

Well, nothing in that room, so let's just equip everyone with their respective gear. Tinklee shall equip her gear. BUt possibly get rid of the bo soon.

Tinysan already has his stuff on.

SNAKE has no weapon though. Hm. He recovered the shuriken he fumbled? Strange. Will check that later.

Also you can check things about the items.
I have NO IDEA what the first two lines mean. At all.

DETPOPE has a bunch of things, and full spellcazting ability, it seems.

I don't think STERV will be using his sling and the stone bullets that much, but he shall SING THE SONG OF HIS PEOPLE.

MONMOON has an interesting thing, though.

Usable? It makes him harder to hit if used in battle? I have no idea.

The party, exhausted after a single fight, decides to rest for a bit before facing the rest of the dangers of the Castle.

Well, that was not much mapping done.

Next things shall be in way way less detail.