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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 9: High and low.

Let's try that new Copper Key.

Well that did not work. Oh well. Let's advance.

Goin' up. MY EYES.

: "Are we going to wast this? It would be a shame to waste it."
: "I don't think tasting this would be a wise idea."

: : "Awwww that is such a waste."

Maybe we should've searched the carcass, but damn that is kind of disgusting isn't it?

Oh joy of joys, an encounter!

It goes rather well! Then again, having them all sleeping all the time helps.

Oh good! MONMOON gets them because I am tired of him being useless after running out of magic points.

Not much to say here, honestly. It's just a tower.

: "I long for the day when I can run in the forest and howl at the moon with my brethren..."
: "I think he is thinking about wolves, not Rawulf..."

Okay, we tried the towers. Let's instead check out the basement.

Interesting, a door right after going down from the stairs.

Oh joy. One of those doors!

And rats. Hooray, Rats.


Forgot to equip MONMOON. Unfortunately. Oh well.

And then the game froze. God damnit. No noise, no new things happening, no nothing. That is rather annoying.

Getting back there, we get an altogether different encounter!
These dudes are quite harder than the rats!

: "Bloodsuckers! They suck your blood!"
: "I think that is... Well, why they are called that. "

They have damage dealing abilities.

Also, they give the LARGEST amount of xp so far.

Gold is low though.

TINKLEE gets slightly better at murdering things with her bare hands and feet and 5 skill points!

As well as a healing spell. THat is always useful.

TINYsan is also getting better at murdering things with swords. Huh, he has one more kill than TINKLEE. Also, is two years older.

Sure we have STERV and MONMOON to sleep the enemies with lullabies and psychic powers, but a hypnotic Samurai Hobbit sounds like a good idea.

SNAKE is also 19 years old now, huh.

Still very bad at unlocking things. We have not been using him or STERV to open doors. That should be done, honestly.

DETPOPE was also ordained quite young, but is now 19. Huh, why is TINKLEE 20 when everyone else is 18 or 19?

Also making wounds, not just healing them. CAUSE SERIOUS WOUNDS. I guess.

Oh no! An ambush while sleeping! Fortunately STERV and TINYSAN were awake by then. Unfortunately, SLIMES.

: "AMBUSHED? By these disgusting blobs?"
: "They do not taste too bad,"

They were quickly dispatched.

The basement has things to do and harder monsters to kill than the first floor AND the towers.

Fortunately, maps.

And doors. Hm.

The Slimes are considerably less dangerous than the leeches, to be honest.

So let's just kill them.

how does that work

And they weren't regular slimes! They were POISON slimes! That is dangerous! Got lucky there, no goddamn poisonings in this encounter. That would've been very bad.

Let's see what is behind the door.

Oh no! An encounter!

GASP, a single brigand!

... Whaaaat
He is welcoming us. As strangers. Maybe the party has things he'll buy at a high price.

No one here can be called Ishmael though. I doubt DETPOPE would like to share a cot with him.
Well, DETPOPE is no sailor, anyways.

What should we say to QUEEQUEG? We shall see what he has to sell next time.