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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 10: Negotiating.

Well let's see what Queequeg can help us with things.


Huh. To speak with an NPC you need to write on a text parser. This is neat! Asking for Queequeg's name leads to this.

Oh my. He knows of TREASURE!

But he cannot tell us where that treasure is since that is what he wants to know. I assume he wants to go and steal that treasure for himself.

Hm. Up? I wonder if that is the one that said he was not going out. Interesting.

Need a password then?

Oh here is something.

Oh goddamnit. We do not have that information.

Oh well.

Let's trade items and money then.

Using the pool option leads to all the cash being carried by a single dude. In this case, DETPOPE.

Hm. Expensive stuff! That's mysterious!

Cutlasses and broadswords oh my. And a couple of spells (a book and a scroll) that DETPOPE already has learned.

Well that is a bunch of stuff I don't really want to buy. Nope.

Let's see if STERV has what it takes.

: "Magic pawpads are the key"

: "Well that was the wisest move"


That did not happen. No. RELOAD.

Let's just sell shit we ain't gonna use. The dirks, for example.

That is not a high amount of money, but better than nothing!

Huh. It seems that the things he sells change from visit to visit.

Except for this.

That's a pretty expensive potion!

That's not a bad amount of money for a sword that we cannot use. BUT that might change.

Well let's see what is directly opposit to Queequeg.


: "No, worse than that... BARRACKS!"

: "For once that was not my fault!"

: "... Well, that was."

Are those lizardmen? What.

: "Superior discipline!"

Well damn. MONMOON is getting more useful now that he can actually do SOMETHING besides psychic abilities.

Well now, let's see what is in this little closet.

: "WHY are there more people on this room than in the BARRACKS?"

: "AAAGH. I am all itchy! My WINGS are itchy!"

That is not a good thing!

STERV is slightly less bad at things now!

Stealing will be slightly easier, I guess?

MONMOON as well.

And he can recognize things slightly better.

THIS will be useful!

But yeah, that took everything out of them. Look at TINKLEE's stamina! Damn.

The other closet thing has something similar. BUT there is a button! It barely shows on this screenshot, but there is a button.


TINKLEE is also slightly less bad at hitting things!

And learned a spell.



Oh yay. A secret door!

Hm. Hms.