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Part 22: Pirate's Log And Ring.

Ah, good ol' Queequeg! Let's give STERV more ammo. He needs it. Takes a bunch of reloads to get what one needs but eh, it works.

TINYSAN has a new usable armor! Hooray.

That's better.

: "This kind of chafes. I hope I get used to it."

We cannot sell plot-related items! Interesting.

And this is closed. Cannot open it anymore.

The switch does nothing.

: "The mechanism must be busted."

Of course, that doesn't work.

But here it does!

And here as well!

: "It is just a substitution cypher. tool.."

Yeah, DETPOPE gets it.

Let's see what this says.


What sickness did they have? Dysentery?

STERV wouldn't mind that.

Hah! Information!

And then they all died. Or got into the castle. Either/or.

Does it work on the king's diary?

Of course not.

That's what the log said!

Hooray! We got information! And we can use it!

So now let's get to the place where the cap'n got locked.

We now know it!