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Part 23: Aye Aye Cap'n!

That is the password! I bet DETPOPE likes it!

"and cutthroats ever assembled under a single roof. As soon as you enter the room, action grinds to a halt, all eyes rivet onto you, and a deadly silence ensues... Glancing at each of the tables, it is amazing how much you can notice within a single second; A pile of gold coins, the faces on a decck of cards, even the chip on a corner of a set of dice. All this, and every little detail of every nasty face staring at you as well."

"such a moment, and you cast your gaze across the room, away from the faces and stink and smoke, and you behold a curious sight - mounted, behind steel bars, erect, sporting a twisted smile"





Oh no! A captain!

What kind of contest?

Ah, of course. Drinking a pirate under the table. That's gonna be a thing.

: "My discipline is unmatched. I shall beat this lizard at alcoholization!"

Yeah. He likes that.

OH BOY. This is gonna get expensive fast.

Each drink lowers stamina.

Oh boy. That was not the wisest course of action!

: "This... has... never happened before..."

Well. Let's reload and do it the barbaric way.

One pirate!

More than just one goddamn pirate!

Yeah that's a bunch of them. And Matey is considerably stronger.

It's pretty dangerous!

TINKLEE also hits hard though.

STERV continues to be an irritant, he cannot make Matey sleep, but he can make the others sleep.


Hell yeah, a hat!

Some level ups, and let's make DEPOPE a better theologian. Appropraite for his new title.

Enchanted blade!

We were given this key. Let's use it!

"Patch, and, of course, the sinister steel hook."

Hell yeah!

Why not?

I think MONMOON would be the best one to have the parrot.


And even more treasure!

The hook is special. Hm. That means it is usable on the field. And plot-related.

STERV gets to use a tricorne now, so he is even sillier.
We need to get this cat a bikini.
Or... Not.

Hm. Shadow cloak or eye patch for the ninja? Is SNAKE naked? Solid? Liquid? Both?
Is the best yet to come?

Weird, parrot is usable and equippable. Hm

Er.... Maybe next time?

Let's see what is in this particular chest!


This seems relevant!