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Part 28: Darkness with NO Auto map? Get out of here.

Delay this time caused by feral kittens (I am not kidding)

Well, fuck it. I cheated. I transcribed the dark areas. Or something.

I kind of fucked up there but eh. It is not THAT bad but yeah fuck this sheeeeeet.

Goddamn maps!

: "I am blind!"
: "Blind and deaf!"
: "Definitely not deaf. Damn."

Ohgod. Giant goddamn ants!

TINKLEE makes things blow up by hitting them.

Goddamned ants!

And this door is not openable by anything we have. NOTHING.

Not even the spell!

Roasted corn is special!

Of course. The Giant Sledge is not usable. Fighter, Valkyrie and Lord only. Oh well.

That's not Darkness!

But there are locked doors.

Ants are dangerous.

Darkness is not! But it is terrible.

Yeah. Fuck it.
Fuuuuuuck it. Cosmic Forge is a useful thing!
... I will only use it for bullshit like the dark areas though. Half the fun I am having in this one is actually MAPPING my way through. If this was an automap-having game, I would not use an external resource.
There would be no point.

Push Butan, get room. HBUT I FUCKED UP THE MAPPING, even with an external resource!

That's more like it!

Yeah that sounds like a Ninja item.

Hm. Yeah why not, let's give it to DETPOPE.

Obviously, SNAKE gets the key.

It IS a Ninja item, but it also a thief and bard thing.

Honestly I think it'll help STERV more.

Cloak, hat, bra, and suede pants. Hell yeah.

What? Faerie only? The hell?


Stairs down.

And back to familiar-ish territory!

Giants? In mines? More likely than one would've thought!

Well, that was a succesfullish excursion. A musical key. I wonder where we will use it?