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by Luisfe

Part 29: Changes maybe?

Ridiculously short update this time.

The password is either this or Dongs.
Mostly this.

Need to get my bearings back. This area is kiiiind of confusing.

I do like the door tile. It is pretty nice, with the creepy face there.

Lots and lots of stairs here. There may be something interesting down there!

But not much to say, is there? Strangely, in this session there wasn't a SINGLE random encounter. It was not a short session either, even if there wasn't that much advancement.

Particularly for this, I returned to here. After getting lost.
I am ashamed to say that to GET BACK HERE I had to use Cosmic Forge again.
I am goddamn ashamed.

But rest assured that I am trying to keep this legit. After the goddamn dark area, well, I opened the goddamn bottle and let the genie out. I had used Cosmic Forge only to patch up the game before.
Now? Well, it is pretty goddamn tempting to just open the damn thing to see where I am on the map. I do not copy from it, except for dark areas.
But it is still pretty much cheating.
Interestingly, Cosmic Forge not only shows the place you are in.
It also SHOWS THE DIRECTION you are facing. That is very useful!

Yeah. Not much to say here.

Just stairs. Not even buttons to be found so far.

I guess we have to change levels for something interesting to happen!

this is the main reason why the update is short.
I think it is actually time to select WHAT kind of thing each character will be now.

TINKLEE has been a great monk. She hits ridiculously hard.
But can she be more useful as something else? Maaaybe?
She could be a faerie fighter. Or a mage. Or a priest. A thief? That would fit wouldn't it?
Even a bard, even if STERV has that thing going strong.

TINYSAN is not as versatile. Fighter, thief, ranger, and, well, bard. Is any of those more ridiculous than a Hobbit Samurai?

SNAKE is an Assassin now. But wouldn't he be better as a Samurai, stealing TINYSAN's gimmick?

DETPOPE is now high in Canonicity. He can be a fighter too? What.

Yeah I think I'll keep STERV as a bard. Unless he would be better as an Alchemist.

And MONMOON can only be a mage or a priest.