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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 31: Somethingsomething

Goin' down.

Hopefully there is something interesting around here!

Ohgod! Lots of ants!

Which lead to a bleeh-ish level up.

AND a treasure!

STERV also had gotten a level up, but it went too fast to capture. And it did not have bonus points, which is worrying, but I guess I will savescum for the other one. I am not displeased with the MONMOON level up. so eh.

Yeah, not gonna risk it. Just gonna cast the spell.


But at the second cast it did.

Damnit. This stuff is not useful! Well, it IS useful, but not vital.

Goin' up.

Walls, walls, walls.

It's mazey. What can I say?

But there are weird things here. Let's see what happens when REST is selected.

Everyone's stamina is restored to max.
MONMOON does not heal up! What the hell? Need to heal him with DETPOPE's spells. What the hell.

Did I get a nasty bug?

Hm. That is an open space there.

This was lucky! The clouds don't do shit and they are not a manowar.

DETPOPE cast Magic Blade, it seems to make everyone hit harder.

Woop. But he is still not healing when resting, what the christ.

I think I selected HEAL WOUNDS because really ,that is the most useful thing one could get.

TINKLEE also got a level up! Hooray.

And so did TINYSAN.