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Part 32: A sprocket?

Well let's go forward. Can't stay in one spot!

SQUIRE? What kind of goddamn lord is a SQUIRE? Also, the goat mask IS cursed. What do those signs mean? I DUNNO. We'll see.

1d12! But no plusses.

This one has the same maximum damage, but a higher guaranteed one, at least. I think the Flamberge is the right weapon to equip this "lord".



What else can I say? Can't run in this environment because that means going back once and then dying.
I guess.


Nothing! Nothing at all!

Yes. Nothing.

Goin' ahead.

Bats! Rats with wings. I think I've already made that joke with STERV.

Enchanted Blade is a very useful spell, it seems.



Not much to say! Just advancing whenever it is possible.

I mean, what can I say about this at the moment? It's just goin' ahead.

Back inside!


Not men of war.

Not a bad level up!

Stamina is probably a good spell to learn! We'll see.

...Right now I forgot what i picked on this session. Damnit.

STERV got a level too!

Yeah gonna level up THIS. Kirijutsu is ridiculously important, it seems!

TINYSAN also, vbut he got very few skill points.


They are not L'Montes, but they do work to change up the tedium! Hooray!


"Side of the precipice, you see a tiny ringed target standing all by itself."

Let's see if this works!

It does nothing! Oh well, worth a try!

Broken? Hm. This might be useful eventually.

Let's give it to SNAKE.