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by Luisfe

Part 38: Trolling for tolls

Back to shopping!

Huh. I remember the infomercial for these. Did they really work?

Hoooly shit. That's expensive!

So, to get it, let's sell other things.

Hm. NO. I think this shall remain.

Eventually, it is bought.

Hah, all races EXCEPT faerie. Makes sense.
But only fighters, lords and valkyries. Fortunately, we have a LORD right now.


This'll work.

And then let's cast it on this.

Oooh! A +4 weapon thing.

Advancin' once again.

Walls, walls walls.

OH. Great. And we just used ALL THE AVAILABLE FUNDS for one vulcan hammer.


Oh. Well. Will come back later then. Team's broke.

That was expected.

Well now. That does not bode well AT ALL.

Reloading. And then grindin'. Either for money OR levels.

Like this! Piety and vitality are ridiculously low, both of them.

I think Tinklee needs to change classes again relatively soon. Fortunately, there are MANY that can put enemies to sleep now. Not like she was any good with the Lute. Sterv was a better bard. What should be the next class she should be?

I think that's a root vegetable thing. Or maybe not. Sounds foody though.


That did NOT end well.