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Part 39: An Attempt Was Made

This is mostly... Inconsequential, honestly. It is a failed attempt. But it was still an attempt.

It's a lot of grinding. But what else can I do right now? I lack the required skills.

MONMOON is stronger now! Not a terrible level up.

And STERV had a fantastic level. And is now a hatamoto? Don't know what that is.

And he is better at ninjaing.

Not nearly enough points in instakill.

NOT a terrible level!

This is gonna be useful.

This is a considerably easier encounter than a SINGLE goddamn Man O' War.

: "Singing was never really my thing. The cat was more effective at it than I am! I am going to do something different with my life. I am still young and with everything ahead of me.

And so TINKLEE became an alchemist.

That may be useful. Eventually.

One more encounter... And well, her piety and vitality are still VERY pathetic, but that's slightly better.

Another one!

And this is what I was looking for. At last.

Answered no.
The grinding still was not enough to get the damn gold for him anyways.

This is not going to go badly! Only one giant!

Oh. Damn it!

Well, that worked.


This isn't going well.


I guess I need a level or two more for more than two or 3 casts of it. Since it wears down.