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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 44: Rubber Band Applied.

Seems like I am ending up here a lot. Far too much. I am fairly lost, to be honest.

Does this do anything here?

Nope. Let's explore a bit again.

Why did I give this to Tinklee? I have forgotten by now.

That's a relatively bad selection of next jobs. Damn. Maybe I'll make her a thief next.

Slightly less bad. But I think MONMOON shall remain a lord for a good while.

Sheesh. Terrible. But what can one expect from a cat bard?
Hell, he doesn't even apply for bardhood anymore. That's rather pathetic.

Goddamn, TINYSAN, you are terrible. TERRIBLE.

Maybe this dude will reach level 9.

DETPOPE has a decent selection. But I think he'll reach level 9.

Continuing to explore. What else can be done?

I am fairly lost.

But the catapult must be reached. We have ONE thing for it. One.

It's a rather roundabout trip.

These dudes are now a JOKE. Thank you very much for the tip. It really does help.

Yeah. Here.

We got one of those.

And an extra rubber strand? Ok.

This sounds like it fits here as well.

But we are still missing one thing.

And I am lost.