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Part 50: An Empty Sack

Pillars of Eternity is ridiculously good and everyon should get it now. Now.

This place had gloppy things. They were gross.

Seems like there is nothing else to be done in this particular set of rooms. Let's move on.

A treasure!

Knock Knock is still the best spell. Cheap, and far safer than braving the traps.

The hell is that.

An empty sack? What the hell kind of treasure is that?
I mean, probably a treasure that is NEEDED, required for a puzzle or something, but still.

Goin' up.


Would be less disorienting if the tiles were varied.
You know what game had a good variety of tiles to help with the disorientation? Lands of Lore. I mean, yeah, it is far after this, and the way it played like was closer to Grimrock than this (because Eye of the Beholder), but it still kind of counts doesn't it?
Good game. Should play it more.


And this one, well, I fucked up. There is no floor there.
Or maybe there is with another button press, but as it is, no floor.
The party is fighting a giant and while suspended mid-air. Hooray.

Dunno about you but I found that funny.

Tinklee got a fairly bad level up.

Yeah, Cure Paralysis sounds like a good thing to add to the arsenal. Also, Tinklee is very likely getting a class change soon.

Down again.

And yet another mysterious button!