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Part 53: Beast Headed Door

FINALLY, a decentish level up.

Yes, to cast it at the darkness.

Sterv is not doing it bad.

: "Now hit your former friends, if you please."

Of course, they return with the same coin.

DETPOPE and Snake have some decent stuff.

Stamina is a hell of a spell!

Dang plants!

But almost everyone can hide now. As mentioned, I did not show it, but most of the characters can and do hide.

: "The shadows suit me! How did I not do this before?"

Won't say no to poisoning shit. That is good!

That is a level up there. Hm.

Kirijutsu is vitally important! Vital! It allows to kill things in one hit.
Well, it is the critical hit. Always more, right?

Snake's getting decent stats, haha.

Let's see what Snake can turn into s so far. Need more stuff, right?

Oh fuck. Tinysan CANNOT turn into anything! That is pretty damn terrible!

Er. Detpope can only turn into a priest? From BISHOP to priest? Dang!

MONMOON can turn into things, which makes sense since Ninjas need a lot of stats. Will have to savescum a bit more!

TINKLEE cannot turn into shit. That is worrysome as well.

There is a joke there, relating to Elder Scrolls, surely.

Advancement is through here.

Doors, doors, doors.

No buttons?

One here, though! Let's press it and see what happens.

It was a passage here!

A secret! A mysterious secret.

And it leads down. Dang.

Strangely though, it opened a passage that was not there anymore.

Another level. Seems... Not as good.

So, let's savescum until a good one is acquired.


Sterv gets one too.

Oh! You mentioned this! Fire Shield! But... The ball. The fireball sounds fun too.
BUt the shield was mentioned. THat will be important.

Snake aksi gets a level. Dude's fast! But not very perceptive.

DETPOPE is getting better at being a Ranger.

But this also requires some savescumming, I guess.

It is funny, I cannot stand the mapping on Strange Journey anymore.
But this? This is fun and entertaining. It is the same reason why I actually like the Etrian Odyssey games.
But I will not touch Strange Journey again after I am done with the LP. Hopefully soon.


Have we got the key for this?

Seems not.

The mask, maybe?

Well, dang.

What the hell am I supposed to do here?

Another good level up, I think.