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Part 60: Backtracking

: "I hope they did not hear that ruckus."

A little bit of rest will not hurt. Going in WITHOUT resting would be a bad idea. If they are hostile, that would mean quick death, since the magic is also very depleted. If they are not hostile, then it can't hurt.

I am going to rely on this automap much more in the future. I have had mistakes. And it gets confusing.
The automap is unambiguous.

This is the wrong answer. We do not want to fight them. Or at least not just yet.

Yeah, no. It could be doable, but we do not need needless conflict here, do we?

Better to be peaceful.

Yes, this.

: "Shut up! If they do not know that we have the rock they will leave us alone! "

Mau-Mu-Mu was the one sacrificed. That was fun.

Already did.

Books! Let's use them.

Blinding Flash is absolutely useless without MP to cast it with though.
Seems like books are a good way to get spells if needed, but they cannot be cast unless an actual spell from that school is learned. Yeah.

This one was a waste. Everyone knows SLeep already. Everyone.

But let's use other shit.

Ankhs are both equippable AND usable! Neat.

Returning to the entrance. Is there anything else we need to do in the Amazulu area?

tHE SAND WAS there indeed.

We have one eye. The other Guardian of the Rock was in this zone. I am going to assume that we NEED it.

Remapping. I did things wrong.


And returning to other places.

Yeah, remapping.

Fantastic thing, this automapper. It is not quite as complete or... flexible as Etrian Oddyssey's is, but yeah.

Yeah. Redundant mapping due to me forgetting, and it being a but on the ambiguous side.

This sounds promising, but we cannot do anything yet.

We have been there. Is there anything else we need to do there?

If not, back to this area.

This is still mysterious-

And now, while not exactly completely lost anymore, I have no idea what is the next step.