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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 67: Apparitions

Let's continue! We opened this! I am proud of it.

: "How bad can it be?"
: "Pretty damn bad. Have you smelled STERV?"
: "This one resents that!"
: "And no one cares about your resentment."

Aww, look at the adorable fanged kitty.

It turns into flame.

What's good against fire? Clearly, ICE.

And this is likely a good precaution.

It is a TELEPORTY CAT! Also, I think I caught it between frames, or something.

I think this particular sprite looks pretty cool.

The cat has A LOT of hp. And it hits hard.

And it seems to be 100% immune to magic. So all melee, all the time.

Eventually it goes down.

A blue chest! What could it be?

That is probably not a good thing.


DETPOPE obviously gets the book.
SNAKE gets the key.

And even more treasure!

NOwhere as interesting or good.

This one had a trap that knock knock could not defuse, so that does not get saved. bLAGH.

What does this one have?

Nothing interesting, really.

So let's see if we can use that in the CLOSEST still closed door.
Nothing has opened this, not the spade key, not the iron key (none remaining because I am an idiot and gave them all to the Queen), not the copper ones, and not the... uh, what other one was it?

But we have a NEW DAMN KEY, time to try it on every door.
And there was a tower on the one next to it. We could explore that a LONG time ago.

Well, dang, it worked!
That was quick!

Ok. And WE ALREADY HAD that key as well! Not running all along everywhere! Convenient!

A ghost!

With a creepy gross grabby ghost hand!

Is this going for a Michael Jackson song? Annie, are you ok?

He seems to be confusied.

A long long time ago. He can still remember.
But not his name.

A dead... pope?

Just a random monk then? Maybe a bishop?

Sucks to be him, I guess.

A daughter? Hmmm.

Oh, so he does not like his daughter. Weird.

I WONDER if we are going to meet either...

So is that a bad thing? Is his daughter evil?

Or maybe he is just raving because he is a damn dead ghost.

The horn?

The light. He is gonna disappear.

Oh, something keeping him?

Uhh. He lost me.


And then the Fiends from SMT appear.

Aaaand he is gone.

Neat! New loot!

And there is nothing here.