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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 68: The Isle of the Damned

Let's continue. Time to go down again. We have the horn, and we now know where to use it.

Goin' down.

This was solved. A while ago. wE GOT both eyes, we placed them. That was not bad.

The wizard's den being opened by his fucking ring is pretty bullshit.

Oh! We have another book!

Is the wizard an asshole? Yes, probably.

Oh, a ripe zombie!

Oh! So that was the corpse killed in the western spire.

Holy fuck, what an asshole.

Hm, yes, we got that done a good while ago

As his "good" ghost mentuioned, he hunted the cosmic forge a long time ago.

They were succesful! But obviously everything went to fucking shit.

Mystaphaphas was a fat snake.
And then he got given to the queen.

That did not work as he intended.


That was it?

Oh! It is charon. Hey charon!

Oh, err, Charron. The non-rights infringing knockoff. I guess?


Sure, why not, got cash.


Could not capture it but he mentioned the name of this intermediate stop.

Oh! King Minos of Crete! Probably a bullman somewhere here.
Because of course.

Well that was easy. Key AND book relating to the area.

Hmmm. Well, one must fall.

And of course, it does not work.

But it does on the other ones!

These are new! They kind of look like weird dark souls gargoyles.

Or the other way around, really.

And they are asshole casters!

Their magic is VERY STRONG


They made detpope run. That was not a good thing.

Well, shit. They are scripted. And now they are more! I will have to try and see if I can get less to spawn. Dang.

Well, this is the opposite of what I was going for.