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Part 77: Contrasts in combat

Seriously. I thought that these dudes were ridiculously dangerous, compared to everything that came before. Now? There are tools.
It is DOWN that there is danger now.

Prismic Missile is pretty damn nice.
It is multihit, but that is not the IMPORTANT bit.

THE IMPORTANT BIT is that the effects are randomized, BUT GENERALLY they seem to be brutal.

Hot damn.

Yeah when we reached htis place, these dudes were terrifying. Hardy, hard hitting, and horrible.
But now they are gone. In one or two turns. TINKLEE used to be the one that hit hard with the magic missile, but she has been relegated to just providing support with Conjure.

It is funny how things change, but making ONE area trivial does not mean that the next area will be easy. At all.

Not a bat level up! And that is quite a bit of grinding. Snake will probably be switching soon.

Tinklee got a very shitty one, but eh, whatever. THis is an area to grind.

Woul MONK be a good choice?

STERV worries me. No changes. We do not want this dude to be a catmage permanently. IF the next level does not lead to a change, then.. well, fuck. This is something that definitely has to be savescummed.

Let's give this asshole a visit.

Yeah this seems doable. One ghost, and one gross zombie. Let's do this!

Even if they are only TWO they are still very dangerous.

Here, they paralized the entire party except for MONMOON.
That is NOT GOOD.


Let's try again.

Ahahaha, fuck no.

That is more like it.

Goddamn this is a great spell.
It also has less BRUTAL results, but this makes me happy.

This ghost is an asshole.
Are all ghosts assholes?

It probably will work at higher levels of the spell, I guess.

Naked ninja hobbit hits with an axe. And connects. And kills an asshole ghost.

Interesting haul... Devil's pipe sounds like a vital item.

This should be doable!

OR NOT It hit like... for 700 hp or something.
What the fucking fuck.