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by Luisfe

Part 79: Miracles!

I think there is a g missing there. But let's read that damn book.

I think "we are devo" is a better chorus line

Well, maybe this will be of use.

This again.

The last line in the book, so sure. Let's try that.

Oh neat. Instead of getting murderized, we are getting some help.

Oooh! Useful!

Yeah sure, I do not care.

Well, that was better than last time, for sure.

Winged shoes! Like Hermes's.

And now the party is made of Jesuses.
I know it would be jesuses in Spanish. Or "Chuchos" since that is for some reason a nickname for someone named Jesus.

yEEEAH no.

These are not easy encounters!

This is the first time I see that word. It is weird.

I bet that one is a plot item.

This one is probably going to Tinklee in the future.

Can still fly while resting! Convenient.

Hmm, the map enters a different instance. That is strange.

Oh boy, giants!

A button. Probably activates something nearby!

Conveniently I had gotten a "SNAKE detects somehting strange" message. Otherwise that would have taken another update to find.

Oh, it was a door!

Hmmm! Davey jones's locker. I wonder if it is required to be found

This was much harder than expected

Will the recently found key work?

It did! But what will the treasure hold?