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Part 83: Dead Island

Moving ahead. There must be something in there.

Ominous, innit?

Of course, the key given by Charron works. Hooray.

It is infested with crabs.

That is very underwhelming.

Not a terribad level up, but not ideal either.

But immediatey after that, points in EVERYTHING. That is fantastic.

TINKLEE gets antimagic. Going to be useful

Lots of dead people.

Oh no!

Even if not at full power, DETPOPE carries the fight.

Fairly satisfied, honestly.

Will probably make him a priest again. Can always use more spells.

Advancing. It seems the map is shared with the other crypts.

Hmm, there might be something here.

Uh, Ithink that should be "in memoriam".

Dang, Detpope cannot oneshot these.

Charron gave us the key to return the ashes.
So let's do that.

And the door opens!

Ooooh, spooky.