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by Luisfe

Part 85: Skeleton Key

Wel, I am much less busy now, so, let's continue with this

This is where the game has what we want.

Yup, it seems you are meant to explore every and all damn rooms in the halls. That is quite annoying.

Oh, 4 lords and a new one? Sure, why not.

Well shit. That lord is QUITE strong!

So, reloading and trying again.

Oh FUCK NO. Hahaha that is insane.

More like it!

But of course, that is a fucking nasty fight.

Like that!
So let's try once more.

What the hell is a Berbalang?

That is.. quite neat! A weird ugly corpse eating vampire thing.

Oh fucking hell.

And resurrection is refusing to work!

But in the end, everything works well!

Hell yes! This is what was needed!

A fairly mediocre level up, but eh, whatever. I will take it.

Aw yeah. Let's advance.

After the previous match? This is nothing.


Oh shit, I remember the infomercials for those!

And there are two fixed encounters.
They are asshole fixed encounters.

Well, the amounts reroll.

And they are guarding passages.

To the North, and to the South. Which passge should be taken first?