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Part 86: The Royal Mausoleum

Well, let'S CONTINUE. To the South first.

Demons are easy. And now STERV and Tinklee both can handle them as well. Useful.

A mysterious locked door!

A highlander drow? Whaaat.

tinysan detected something here.

Bah, 3 ghosts? Not a terrible encounter.

And they were guarding a chest

Ghost hands are assholes.

The important bit is the key, surely.

I think I will go for Alchemist.

But Sterv's choices suck!

May go Priest or something similar, at level 9 or so.

Yeah, I do not think that MONMOON will have any changes anytime soon.

SNAKE may become again a ninja! That would be good except that he has no spells worth anything, really.

Tinysan could use more spells too, but he is already a goddamn ninja.

Oooh! A fountain!

And some undead. Bah!

Least bad spell there.

As seen there, it heals EVERYTHING.
Hp, stamina, magic. That is fantastic.

Best fountain ever.

And we already know that she had a thing for snakes.

Harmless skeletons!

See? No biggie. Even though they did hit DETPOPE

3 turns. Bah.

And now time to go NORTH.

Hmm, maybe the Knightly key we found will open this?

Anti magic sounds like a good choice.

That is a bit ominous...

Well, this seems fairly incomplete so far.