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Part 89: A waste of time

Took long enough, but last week WAS very hectic. Next week (starting with the weekend) is going to be similarly hectic, but I will try to update before I get swamped with things.

On the other hand, also Baldur's Gate and DARK SOULS 3.

Well, let's overhaul some equipment.

That seems workable, I think.

Only Priests and Bishops can use it.

So let{s change DETPOPE.

That works.

That works very well!

Huh, that did not work. That is unexpected

What the hell are we to open with the KEY OF EVIL?

Hmm. The Bronson movie.

Or this. Yeah, why not.

Another level up.

And the Bronson movie now.

what the fuck did this do.

And this one too.

That sounds pretty badass. And cannot go wrong with more plain magic school points.

Only as a fighter? Eh, why not, it could work next switch.

Goddamn banshee screams. Quite annoying.


Well, maybe there issomething in one of these chambers.

Bad levels, but at this point for DetPope, I do not really care.

And this was such a goddamn waste of time.