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Part 94: A faery circle

Extra short because I have been either very busy, OR very busy and ill (this last week. I have not been well, getting better but still not back to full health).

Well, let's see what we can find.

Goblins! Dang goblins. They are kinda dangerous and come in packs that are quite large, SO, now the main damage dealers are the mages, who can hit several enemies with a single cast.
And said casts also hit harder than the physical attacks, even though by now most of the physical attacks are multihitters as well.

Hmm. This is either auspicious or ominous.

Out of reach...

Ok, this is a creepy fairy circle. But I do not think there is anything that can be done just yet.

Or can it? I could not see anything that had an effect.

Well, there are faeries there, at least.

Aaand there was no need to go through the dark forest at all for this.

And encounters are progressively more dangerous!

Ooh! A set of stairs! Maybe it will lead to success and advancement.

And, it did not. I could not find anything. I even searched on every wall! Maybe I am missing something.

But that was a complete waste of time so far.