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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 95: A Stone Ship.

Well let's continue. There are explorations to do!

This was a waste.

Oh! A ship! Let's see if we can do something.

That does not seem particularly safe. So maybe later.

Snakemen are not terrible encounters.

Literally nothing here.

Could not find any way to open this. So far.

Yeah like that.

Nothing works!

So, back to the ship.

Clearly a castle-like, stone made ship.

Agh! Ninjas!

Them ninjas give a SHITLOAD of experience.

Oh fuck no. That deserves a reload.

Bless seems like the least worst option.

A corpse!

Another spoopy skeleton.

Hmm! A crucifix! That might be useful against draculas.

Oh fuck damnit.


3 of them. What.

Nothing here, and that is bullshit.

Oh! A chest!

Well, I guess this will be used in that fairy circle.

Of course, it goes to Tinklee.

Oh, FUCK THIS AREA. Seriously, no. I would have ragequitted at this point without the automap.
This kind of bullshit is horrible, extended darkness areas.

And fuck these encounters.