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Part 33: Chapter 11-1: Final Requests

Chapter 11-1: Final Requests

This will be a fairly short introductory chapter, folks. Now that we've accessed the Dimension World, Lydia's quest involving finding one of every material shop for the shopkeep on B1 is able to be finished.

So, which components was I missing at the start of this update? Let me show you.

Vampire Claw, dropped by vampires. Go figure.

We also needed a Dragon Tail and a Pied Piper's Flute. As you can tell by the disturbing scenery, these both come from enemies in the Dimension World that we'll cover in more detail next update. For now, let me introduce the two monsters in question.

White Dragons are the strongest dragon to be found... in the regular game, that is. Naturally, their breath weapon is ice-based. They do a pretty good chunk of damage, too, but their breath is by far their deadliest move. Lots of HP, decent defense, and pretty good magic resistance make them a challenging opponent.

Pied Pipers are a completely unique form of demon. They're not very strong, but their agility and evasion are ridiculously high. You have about as much chance of hitting one with a melee attack as you do when facing a ninja. I've also heard that they possess a mass-confusion ability, but I've never had one use it on my party.

Did I mention they have no magic resistance to speak of? Dance, puppets, dance!

Anyway, this completes our list of materials! Let's go turn them in to material shop guy.

- Now I can showcase every single Material in the shop now! I owe it to you! All my other customers just buy, buy, buy. They won't sell me any of their Materials. The success of this Material Shop really depends on the customers!

- Oh, I almost forgot! Sorry, but I need to close up today. I promised this guy that I'd let him know when I have all the Materials available. I need to go see that guy for just a bit. Anyway, I'll see you here next time!

Lydia's quest has been completed. Go to the Tavern to get your reward.

It was Lydia, the person who asked you to have her boyfriend quit his strange business. But her boyfriend, Eric, does not plan to quit his work as a Labyrinth merchant. You feel bad, but she took the time to wait for you. You decided to listen to her.

- You can hear lots about the Labyrinth here. Lately, he has become the subject of a rumor himself. His shop looks like it's prospering.

And indeed it was. You had disguised yourself as a customer and checked it out yourself, so there's no doubt about it.

- He is still going to run the store, but I thank you. His stores have been the source of rumors in the past, too. None were ever good ones, though. Everyone laughed at him. But not this time. Everyone praised him this time.

- I... always thought that he started another stupid business. I was wrong. You made me realize that. He probably won't come back to town as long as he continues his business. Even so, I plan to wait until he's content. That's the only thing I can do for him.

- Thank you for saving him. If you can, please support him.

You got a Pheromone Shield.

You got 50000 Exp!

The Pheromone Shield is fairly good, I guess. It's not bad, at least, and it raises luck by 10. Even so, the Prime Shield is just slightly superior in terms of defense, so there's not much point to using it.

After completing Lydia's second quest, we have just one left. In order to access this quest, all others before it must be completed. So, what's it about?

Sounds... unique.

I'm going to warn you now. I trimmed this quest down to the bare cutscenes, and it's still just over twenty minutes long. I'm not going to transcribe it, because frankly it would just be a waste of space. Basically, in this quest you have to re-visit a point of interest on every floor of the Labyrinth, B1 through B6. These include:

B1 - The waterfall spring just before the entrance to B2. Easy.
B2 - The prison cell containing Gilman, the murderer, which we had to visit for Lorenzo and Anonym's quests. A bit harder, but not too bad if you remember the way.
B3 - We have to navigate the floor, take the stairs down to B4, then come back up to see the floor change. Depends how lucky you are with floor generation.
B4 - We have to visit a specific grave. In a graveyard.
B5 - The Sage's Spring, where we put the Sage's Stone given to us by Paul.
B6 - We have to negotiate the Maps-less hallway full of fungus fog about halfway through the level, ending just outside of Incubus' room.

Even though the quest is long, it's also kind of interesting because of how the two old folks regard each point of interest. At times, they talk about people we helped in other quests, but they speak as if these were legendary or mythical figures. Particularly Paul and the Sage's Stone. Personally, I got a bit of a morbid laugh out of B4 as well. It's both humorous and poignant to consider the situation of Joseph and Elizabeth.

Anyway, after that long tour of the Labyrinth, we get a Pashmina Robe, a nice chunk of experience, and a full quest list!

(Sniff) It's beautiful...

The Pashmina Robe is not only good for defense and evade, it also boosts agility by 10. I could have given it to Kulgan to buff him up a bit more, but I thought it would be nice to have Rui with 96 agility instead.

There's a couple more AAs to buy before we end the update:

Not sure how good Crisscross is. It sounds entertaining, so I'll give it a try soon. Sweep Spell, sadly, has limited usage. It boosts the range of a spell to the next level; a single-target spell will target a row, and a row-target spell will target everything. Nothing happens if you try it on anything that already targets everything. Personally, I'd rather boost Jateal or Megadeth or something, especially since Sweep Spell uses up your entire back row, but that's me.

See you guys next update, when we check out the Dimension World proper!


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