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World in Conflict

by Erenthal

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Original Thread: "Wolverines!": Let's play World In Conflict!


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At ease, soldiers. This briefing will only be given once, so listen up! The year is 1989, and World War 3 has been raging since several months. The Soviets are pushing hard in Europe, and U.S forces are bogged down in a war of attrition. It's up to you, and men like you, to serve their country now. Failure will not be tolerated. Failure will be heralded by a mushroom cloud. Got that? Now get to work!

So, what's this all about then?

World In Conflict is a real time strategy game made by Swedish wunder-firm Massive (creators of Ground Control 1 and 2), and released in 2007 to high critical acclaim. It's an all out, balls-to-the-wall action-fest, where tanks, helicopters and infantry shot each other to tiny pieces while shells and bombs rain down all over the maps. In short, it's awesome.

The game breaks from standard RTS-formula in some aspects. There's no base building for instance, instead you buy and deploy units on the fly, up to a maximum points-value which is redeemed as the units die.

There's also some attempt at serious story-telling, and I'll leave it up to you to judge how well it succeeds at this.

How will this work?

I won't go in to deep details about the exact game-mechanics. It's an RTS, you click on ground and your units move, on enemies and your units shoot. If there's special elements that needs explaining, I will do so in either post or video.

So strap in, and prepare for lots of explosions...

Table of Contents

Singleplayer content:

U.S.S.R Mission 1 - Berlin / Viddler /
U.S Mission 1 - Central Seattle / Viddler /
U.S Mission 2 - I-90 freeway bridge / Viddler /
U.S.S.R Mission 2 - Tacoma / Viddler /
U.S Mission 3 - Pine Valley / Viddler /
U.S Mission 4 - Cascade mountains. / Viddler /
U.S.S.R Mission 3 - Eatonville / Viddler /
U.S Mission 5 - Cascade Falls / Viddler /
U.S Mission 6 - Southern France / Viddler /
U.S Mission 7 - Soviet HQ, France / Viddler /
U.S.S.R Mission 4 - Norway / Viddler /
Extras: Unused NATO units
U.S Mission 8 - Murmansk / Viddler /
U.S Mission 9 - Polyarny naval yards / Viddler /
U.S.S.R Mission 5 - Olenegorsk / Viddler /
U.S Mission 10 - New York / Viddler /
U.S Mission 11 - Cascade mountains, aftermath / Viddler /
U.S Mission 12 - Clearwater Creek / Viddler /
U.S.S.R Mission 6 - Tacoma Highway / Viddler /
Extras: Unused U.S.S.R and NATO units, part 2
U.S Mission 13 - Puget Sound / Viddler /
U.S Mission 14 - The End /

Multiplayer content:

Video 1 - Space Needle /
Video 2 - Xmas /
Video 3 - Wasteland /
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