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Part 37: Update -XXXI- Silent World

Last time we stopped just outside the boss door in Castle Exnine. Let's find out what mess we're stumbling in to, shall we?

Update 31 Highlights - Please ignore the part where I accidentally reflect Haste onto the enemy

Ohhh, eat floor Pellinore!

Release Lady Lusse!


Oh, well there goes Siren I guess. The fuck was that?

Riiiight. I forgot he could do that attack.

How long must this continue, Pellinore? A hundred years and counting now, and yet commanding just one body proves a chore? How lowly and pathetic can you get?

My body... gives me more trouble... than yours does.

Oh, but I do wonder about that.

If you think you can just wreck the world and get away with it, then you have got another thing coming!

So you've made it this far... But, no more. You have to stop. You mustn't fight! I know you want to... but you simply can't.

Yyyeahh, Reynn and Lann aren't great at listening when people tell them not to do things. We're going to fight them anyway.

What drivel! What tripe! A farce beyond compare!

Are you quite certain of that? What if they are the world's true Champions awakened at last? Should we not deal with them now?

Exeunt... Begone, you whelps!

Let's do this, Lann!

That's right! It's on!

Okay, so this fight is a bit more of a challenge than we've dealt with so far. For one thing, we've got a 2-on-2 situation in play.

Segwarides should be your main focus in terms of which one should be taken out first. He has a glaring weakness to poison, so if you can inflict him with it, then that will just eat away at him for the entire battle. Laguna has Bio in this instance, but check your inventory for Poison inflicting items if you don't have that.

He is the support character in this fight, so you want him dealt with sooner rather than later. Magic Shield is a party-wide Shell spell that he enjoys casting, which will impact your ability to deal with these two (Segwarides is weak to Light, Pellinore is weak to Water and Dark).

Pellinore's only ailment weakness is Blind. Throw it on her if you can since it should help mess up her accuracy, but it isn't quite as potent as Poison is on Segwarides (which is currently eating away 1,600 HP every time he makes a move).

Segwarides also has an attack called Blast Wave, although he missed with it so I'm unsure of how powerful it is.

Pellinore likes to attack with various Elemental spells, so hopefully you've got some kind of healing outside of hi-potions.

Pellinore also has a special attack she uses fairly frequently called Freezing Dust.

It's pretty strong. Both of my stacks were thankfully resistant to ice, but it still hit for 1,000 each. It also has a secondary effect of inflicting Slow.

Update 31 Highlights - Ultima Summon

I think it's about time we give our new friend a try.

Ultima Weapon still needs some leveling, but he's solid enough to bring into this fight for some free shots. It's a good thing I do it at this exact moment, because--

Segwarides decides to start busting out his Blade Dance attack. It hits multiple times for about 300 damage a hit.

At the moment, Ultima Weapon only has Ultima and Full Power! Full Power! has a secondary effect where it will raise the power of your next attack, so you could spam that a few times.

I split the attacks between Ultima and Full Power!, just to divvy up the damage.

A few shots after that and Segwarides goes down. Pellinore is at about half health, but she seems to start spamming Freezing Dust from this point on.

Unless your stacks are weak to Ice, then she shouldn't be too much of a problem by herself. She busted out another attack called Rend which dealt about 1,000 damage to Reynn, but that's nothing special. My guess is that it has some kind of Topple effect.

Update 31 Highlights - Reynn and Lann were total shitbags

Well, that takes care of those two I guess.

Great, what now? Why are they glowing?

Oh, hey! People!

Looks like Reynn is about to have some kind of memory punch.

Huh, so I guess that explains what happened to me. No wonder I'm depressed, self-hating, and cynical.

Lusse is voiced by Jennifer Hale in English and Keiko Han in Japanese. These same voice actors also voice Pellinore.

But, everybody makes fun of me because they say my arm is creepy.

[Lusse]: And there's more. Did you know that these arms are very special? They're proof of the joy you'll bring the world.

But... only one of my hands looks like yours.

[Lusse]: You have one. Lann has the other. So as long as you both work together, there's no happiness you can't attain.

Awww, it's anime Dutch Oven, and Dingldoink, and... Toad.

And OMG! JC! The gang's all here.

And Foozles, and Pingu

Why's that? We're really good at it. You of all people should be proud.

And Laguna, and... Babyhemoth, I think? Looks kinda big to be Babyhemoth.

[Rorrick]: You don't have a proper handle on any of them. Think of the trouble you're making for those around you.

Rorrick is voiced by Richard Tatum in English and Hideyuki Tanaka in Japanese. These same voice actors also voice Segwarides.

[Rorrick]: Fine, then don't you care about your mother? The more you-- the more Mirages that you take away from her...

Wow, you two were fucking brats.

Dad, I just think you're jealous because you don't know how to do it.


Just stop! You don't realize--

You're the one who said that everyone's lives would be easier if we summoned those gods or whatever. Don't chicken out now, Wyn.

Yeah, remember? Why else would we even be up here?

You're wrong! A path to another world will--


Don't! You don't know what you're doing! This is wrong!

Are you the one who summoned me?


[Rorrick]: Hey! Who are you?!

[Lusse]: Children! Get over here!

[Rorrick]: Answer me! Who are yo--

Deceptively fast for a big dude.

No... I didn't...

Now these are fine vessels. How astonishing for the first creatures I find to be humans of so high a caliber. So. Who will join me? Two bodies! Take them!

[Rorrick]: Aaah!!!

You have to escape... Lann... Reynn...!

Mom, what's--

Get away!

*End of memory punch*

Did that... Did that... happen?

What was that? What did we just see?

Holy shit. You two are downright assholes.

[Lusse]: Nn...

Lady Lusse!

[Lusse]: Hauyn... You're here?

[Lusse]: You're both safe. I'm so glad. So glad...

Are you really... our mom?

Reynn and Lann... They lost all of their old memories when they were spliced out of Grymoire. They don't remember a thing. Lucky them.

[Lusse]: But that's good... Please, Hauyn... Promise me... that you'll forgive them.


[Lusse]: For me.

I never...

Why is the sky glowing?

Ah... Ah...!

Ooohhh.... those three are fucking dead.

Come now. Did you not have some wish? Some grand desire you came here for me to grant? Show me resolve. Show me ingenuity. Show me your power! Show me all the Mirages at your behest, but do not show yourself to be lacking!

Wh-what are... What kind of thing are you?

Update 31 Highlights - Brandelis Fight
World of Final Fantasy Music: Ex World of Battle
You fiend. I'm gonna make you wish that you were never born.

Sis... You okay?

So, we're up against Brandelis again, except this time he's actually putting in some effort. He has no Elemental weaknesses or resistances and the only ailment vulnerability he has is Slow (once again, he is very fast, so getting slow on him is a good idea).

I don't have the slow spell, but what I do have is Laguna.

And Laguna has Blaster, which can inflict slow, confusion, instant death, or whichever of those ailments will stick.

Brandelis has roughly the same set of skills he had during our first fight with him. He has basic physical attacks for about 1,000 and will rotate through elemental -aga spells (like Quake, Tsunami, and so on).

Keep in mind that you will start this fight in the condition you finished the Segwarides/Pellinore fight in. If you were in bad shape at the end of that battle, then now is the time to pop one of those megalixirs.

If you didn't use your Champion gauge during the Seg/Pell fight, then now is the time to bust that out as well. Omnislash managed to cut Brandelis' HP in half.

Here's the attack to watch out for.

Two can play the awesome attack game, though.

Castlevania this son of a bitch!

Update 31 Highlights - The End

What strength. I can see A's power has already had a profound influence on both of you.

Shit... he also has megalixirs. Didn't anticipate that.


*Brandelis proceeds to crack his neck like a badass*

Perhaps I may not be able to destroy you, but neither can you put an end to me. To pursue this stalemate further would be a waste of time.

That's what you think! I have to pay for bringing you into this world. This ends... now!


It's all my fault that Mom and Dad died like that. And it's all my fault that these freaks have ruined Grymoire. Mine. I have to pay for it all. Watch me!

That's new. Since when have you been able to do that?

Foolish boy! My work is done. This will change n--

These next few lines aren't subtitled for some reason.

Reynn... What the-happened to Lann? Reynn?

Tama... Lann is...

World of Final Fantasy Music: Silent World


So... that took a bit of a turn at the end. World of Final Fantasy everybody! I guess it's back to having some free time for me. Got some games to play, exams I've got to study for, laying around to do--

Dammit. Of course not.