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Part 39: Update -XXXIII- The Magnificent Seven

We've got Odin and Leviathan, so that just leaves Diablos and Bahamut to complete the Pleiad. Then we can do... something. What that something is hasn't really been made clear yet. I guess we'll go and fight Brandelis again?

Update 33 Highlights - Dreamweaver

Oh, awesome. Another Shelke focused scene.

And we're already doing a flashback.

That's what the reports have been saying.

Do you believe it?

Of course I don't.

All right, then what do you think this alleged demon really is?

Do you mind looking into it for me? All the sightings so far have been reported to be around the same hour.

*Back to the present*

Strange. This demon that's appearing... I wonder what it could be.


[Diablos]: So, level with me here. What do I look like to you?

Diablos is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in English, Kazuhiro Yamaji in Japanese.

To be totally honest... you fit the description.

[Diablos]: Ohhh... A demon then.

Yes. I know who you are. You're one of the Demon Dyad's Servants from a century ago-- Diablos.

[Diablos]: I'm a what now?! ...Oh, I see. So Grymoire decided those two were demons.

They decided correctly.

[Diablos]: Huh? But how does them being demons make me a demon too? Their servant!

So then tell me why you would show up now, amidst such chaos?

[Diablos]: furthering the chaos.

Ugh... Then, I must punish you in the Keepers' absence.

That's the correct response to being threatened by Shelke.

You're facing us now!

[Diablos]: Huh?! Oh... it's you two. What are you doing here?

Oh, you know, just butting in to help?

Yeah! What Reynn just said! We're rearing our ugly ends!

[Diablos]: What's that even mean?! Wait, where am I? What strange place have you taken me?!

Ha ha ha! We've got him sweating now.

[Diablos]: Tah. No matter. Let's see if either of you runts is still any good!

Diablos has a heavy Light weakness, although I didn't happen to have Banish at the time. Other than that, you can pretty much hit at him with whatever except Dark. You might notice that his HP is lacking, meaning that we're obviously dealing with a two-stage fight.

Diablos isn't very threatening in terms of damage output. His physical attacks deal about 600 and he has Gravija (which is multi-target Gravity), but that's fractional damage. In terms of magic, he uses Dark (obviously), so how hard that will hit depends on your resistance. He really enjoys slinging status ailments around though. On top of having Sleep, he also uses Poison Nails and can inflict Blind. He has another attack, but I think he only uses it in phase two.

Having Esuna is a good choice here, although having Esuna is a good choice anywhere. If not that, then at least make sure you are stocked up on status healing items.

*Diablos bails after we beat him*

Huh? You can't escape.

*And Shelke gives chase... somehow. He can fly and she can't, so I don't know how she manages to follow him.

Uh-oh, looks like Shelke has been trapped in the nightmare zone.

Huh? Brother...?

Oh yeah, that sure as hell looks like someone that would be Shelke's brother. Come on guys, you couldn't find an NPC with a kind of similar hair color? Or eye color?

...For me?

[???]: Of course. You know, when I first heard the news-- how you'd fled after becoming an Architect-- I was so worried.

You came after me? But... you had it all. You were the exceptional one. I know that... Mom and Dad pressured you into it. Becoming an Architect.

[???]: What's wrong? You can tell me.

After you left and went to the cathedral... the house got so... unbearable... We tried, but we couldn't reach you. Mom became sick with worry. And Dad... just hid in his bottle. The fire broke out... and then they were gone.

Anyone else remember back to like, I dunno, a month and a half ago? When we found Snow having been turned into a toad and then went and beat up a big goofy pudding monster? Such innocent times.

What choice did I have? The cathedral was the only place I... I could think to go...

[???]: So then you're telling me... you killed Mom and Dad.

What? No!

[???]: You put them in the ground. You were always making trouble for them. You never did them an ounce of good. You grew tired of their scolding, so one day... you made them burn.

I'd really like to see more scenes like this where the character just doesn't give a fuck, or kind of nonchalantly hates themselves, so the bad guy's effort just falls completely flat and they're left at a loss as to what to do next.

No! I would never do someth--

[???]: But you did.

You're saying... that I...

[???]: Yes. And now that Mom and Dad are no more, my job... is to see you punished.

You want me... to atone? For what I... did to them?

Or even just have a character be a smart-ass that doesn't get psyched out by mind screws. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier kind of had a scene like that which I appreciated.

What were we talking about again?

Oh, right. Shelke is about to be mind crushed by Diablos. I guess we should stop that.

And you think it's okay to twist her weaknesses around when the poor girl doesn't even know what's real? You scum.

Whoa, careful with those labels Reynn. The two of you are deserving of some nasty insults yourselves.

[Diablos]: I'm scum?! Wait, hold on. Didn't we settle this last time? Last time? Yes, we did just fight! Why am I only remembering these things now?!

Ohhh, interesting.

When he left this place, do you think his memory got some kind of "readjustment" to match the world he went back to? (Oh, I get it. So then the reason we forgot about Grymoire is surprisingly simple. It's because we left it.)

Shut the fuck up, Reynn. First of all, don't even pretend you understand the nature of Anamika's powers or the laws of this world. Second of all, Hauyn stated that in the alternate timeline which you still remember:

Huh? Hey Reynn, what's up?

Oh! It's nothing. I'm just starting to piece together how this "power of fantasy" thing affects our memories.

No you aren't. This is the first time that memory loss has even been brought up when it comes to others besides the twins.


[Diablos]: The power of fantasy? Rubbish. That is my tribe's domai-- Now I see. The Guardians of Time have been busy. Fine. If that's how you want to play, then so be it. Come on!

Round 2. Diablos is now rocking higher HP, more on par with the other Pleiad. He also has two helpers in the form of Imps. You'll want to get those things out of the way quick. Imps also enjoy status ailments and you don't want them combining theirs with Diablos'.

I came prepared for this, though. -50 Weakness to Water, Balthier, take it away!

Diablos has all the same attacks as last time, although he seems to cast Gravija a bit more. Not that it matters, since that causes fractional damage which can't KO.

This is the attack that I mentioned in the first stage. He only used it against me in this stage of the fight.

Nightmare is a party-wide sleep spell that causes no damage. It's not so much dangerous as it is incredibly irritating. Diablos uses it constantly and then usually follows it up with a basic physical attack or Poison Nails, neither of which is all that scary. All it really does is drag the battle out. Sleep wears off when you take a hit and Diablos doesn't have any curative skills, buffs, or heavy hitting abilities that could capitalize on your temporary immobilization.

Lann, stop victory dancing like a dumbass. This was not a victory worthy of a dance or any other kind of celebration.

Well, I don't remember too much about the things we used to have you do, but if you can keep it in check then maybe, maybe you can have some fun.

These two should not have been allowed to gain control of Diablos! Goddamn Lusse and Rorrick, you could have at least tried to parent these two.

[Diablos]: Hmph.

..... I might just be imagining it, but if you helped me out... Thank you. Reynn, Lann.

Diablos is a recent addition to the summon/boss roster of Final Fantasy. His first appearance was in VIII where headmaster Cid gives Squall and friends an evil magic lamp for no discernible reason. When used in the inventory, a battle immediately triggers with Diablos where you can make it a Guardian Force upon defeat.

In a missed opportunity for a reference, WoFF Diablos resists Blind and Slow. Inflicting those made him easier to handle in VIII.

Outside of VIII, Diablos has made a scattered appearance in other titles such as XI, XII, and Type-0.

Update 33 Highlights - Story Time

Alright, one more to go. Bahamut is likely going to be the toughest, regardless of what your stack composition is like.

None of us know exactly how long it's been... but it's estimated the Jiants who lived here must have disappeared about a hundred years ago.

Lore time, since I don't think this is specifically explained outside of Who's Who entries.

This is Nine Wood Hills. The real Nine Wood Hills that is. I think that much is pretty clear. The Nine Wood Hills that we know (where we hang out and do prep stuff) is a creation of Rorrick (which Lusse made "real"). The actual Nine Wood Hills (that Lusse ruled) is where the Jiants of Grymoire used to live. Of course when Brandelis got summoned into the world by the twins, it was destroyed and ended up like what we see here. The Jiants were either killed off or converted into Federation soldiers, possibly through whatever possession method was used on Takka.

A century... It's a little hard to imagine.

Well, why don't we head back to the airship and--

[Bahamut]: Rrraaahhh!

Wh-what the...


Was there something I could help you with, Bahamut? Oh, or should I call you Tiababylo?

[Bahamut]: Huh? You dare speak my true name before a stranger? Have you lost your mind?!

Bahamut is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in English and Masahiro Kobayashi in Japanese.

Uh, what is going on?

It's been a century, you said? Been quite a while... But I used to know old Bahamut here.

You... know the Dyad's Servant?

[Bahamut]: A servant? Me?

[Bahamut]: Ah, yes. Who can forget those two.

What?! Lann and Reynn are... the Demon Dyad?!

Is anyone really surprised about that?

The Heralds-- probably Segwarides-- must have concocted the name to spice up their "Crimson Prophecy." But, there's a basis to it. The original Azure Prophecy mentions demons too. ...Did Lann and Reynn know? Could they have read it?

I mean, that is a pretty fitting label when you think about it. It's not as though Segwarides started spreading lies. Lann and Reynn summoned Brandelis into the world through arrogance and stupidity, who then proceeded to wreak havoc and ruin the world.

Basically, let's not pretend as though Lann and Reynn's good names are being slandered here. They were sort of monsters as far as Grymoire was concerned, even if there was no malice behind their actions.

[Bahamut]: Reynn always was an avid reader.

Yes, she was... Except, acting out prophecies sounds like Lann.

You know, you're kind of taking all the wonder out of my childhood here.

One thing I know-- no one would've started calling them the "Demon Dyad" or whatever-- if you hadn't been there acting like demons and wreaking havoc against their will.

It's almost as if a bunch of goddamn kids shouldn't have been allowed to have control over beings of supernatural power.

[Bahamut]: Hah! You can blame the "Heralds" for that! I don't care how long I was sealed away. How dare Brandelis name his army "Bahamut," and declare himself king of this world?! I'll kill him! Tell me where he is right this instant!

Is that the reason you're here? Listen, I've observed Brandelis up close for a century, and... Tiababylo... Face it. You don't stand the slightest chance against him.

[Bahamut]: What was that?!

The Exnine Knights-- I trust you've heard of them.

Gods from the "Extraverse"? "Espers"? What are those?

Well, the Azure Prophecy makes mention of them both. Essentially, it says-- From oblivion, light and dark were born. Light begat beings called espers. Dark begat monsters, and humans who sought the light.

One world found a tear in the fabric, and exploited it to confine espers inside their human bodies. However, this tear left them open to the Extraverse, and its cruel gods.

So then does that mean the Heralds... are those exact same gods?

I can't say anything with real certainty yet. In the end, the prophecy is just words. So the best we can do, is venture a guess at what it means. In fact, it's because this first section was so ambiguous it was omitted from copies. Only direct descendants know it.

Then... that would make you...

Although, it seems that some of you have picked up the art of summoning in our place. You'll keep it alive.

Is that necessarily a good thing? Summoning is how Brandelis got here in the first place, and later how the Cogna were pulled in. Granted you weren't responsible for those incidents, but still.

[Bahamut]: Enough! Get to the point. Are you saying that Brandelis has become an Exnine Knight?

Yes, that's right. A being, who just like in the prophecy, has crossed dimensions. In a way, what else can you call him but a god? He's completely different from the Brandelis that you think you know. You can't beat him. You can't even touch him.

So Brandelis did used to be a Bahamut, that's not just some fancy armor he's wearing or a name that Segwarides chose from a hat. Brandelis Bahamut and Tiababylo Bahamut apparently fought each other and some other Bahamuts for dominance in some other world/realm. Tiababylo ended up in Grymoire and became a member of the Pleiad, while Brandelis went off and fused with a human and a god to become an Exnine Knight.

[Bahamut]: GRRRAAAHHH! This cannot be! What you say is impossible! It doesn't matter what Brandelis is like now! He's not me! I'm the true king! The Bahamut King! Tia--Tiababylo the Great!

Ugh... Great. I see your temper's as short as ever.

Wh-why are we fighting?

Because that's how problems get solved. Everyone knows that.

Uhhh... So the Demon Die Hard thing... That was talking about us, huh?

Yeah, I kind of figured as much by now, to be honest.

You sure did, Reynn. Which is why we've never heard you ever mention or think about it until now.

Oh, Reynn... Do I have to remember my past if it's this much of a train wreck?

Well, hang on. From what Wyn was saying, weren't most of our crimes against humanity caused by these troublemakers?

Don't you dare try and pass the blame, Reynn.

[Bahamut]: Why... don't... you... ask... MEEE?! What are you two doing here?!

Would you quit it?! You really need a lesson in anger management.

[Bahamut]: I need WHAT?!

Oh, also, you should forget about messing with the Heralds. It's true, you can't win.

Maybe not against Brandelis. You would absolutely wreck Pellinore and Segwarides.

[Bahamut]: Oh? Then I shall just have to slaughter you... in order to prove just how wrong you are.

Hoo boy. Bahamut time. HP is ???, but a cast of Gravity causes 37,000 damage, so his total is probably about 150,000. Light is the only weakness he has, but he resists every other element to a small degree.

He's likely the toughest of the four we have to fight. Even if you have Banish, he still has about twice as much HP as the others on top of all other element coverage.

His basic physical attack hits for about 1,000.

His special skills hit quite a bit harder. Touchdown is something he will use often and it also has a toppling effect. He seems to have a pretty high critical rate on top of all of that.

Finally, he's got this. If you know what the number means then you know what's coming isn't good. He starts doing this when below half health, although he may be capable of using it before then as well.

Update 33 Highlights - Megaflare

When the countdown gets to zero, Bahamut will use Megaflare. This is going to hurt like a son of a bitch, so if you can't beat him before he uses it then I recommend summoning in an XL mirage to take the hit. If you don't have an XL Mirage, then heal up as best you can and throw whatever defensive buffs on that you can manage before defending.

I think this shot is supposed to be a reference to XIV.

It's the opening cutscence for ARR, so that isn't a spoiler.

And I think this is a reference to FFVII.

Bahamut ZERO attacks with Teraflare from space.

And this just looks like the Spirit Bomb from Dragonball Z.

Odin does not survive, but he made for a useful meat shield.

Bahamut will go back to his usual attacks after this, but he can and will pull Megaflare more than once, so be on your guard. Granted, you have five of his turns to prepare, so it's not as though it will sneak up on you or anything.

Also, don't be afraid to use a Megalixir to make the final push through the post-Megaflare phase. You've probably got a decent stock of them. Don't be one of those people that's like "But, but, I might need it for a future boss!" We both know damn well that that moment won't come.

If you're having trouble, look for a Mirage that has Banish or Holy Mirajewels on their grid (like Holy Dragon or Paleberry). You could also just build a stack focused on Light attacks, but more than likely you want to keep using your A-Teams.

Just a guess, but we must be more powerful than before. This is like our second go at this, right?

Hey, Tiababylo. You know, we're planning to fight Brandelis. If you come with us, you can have a shot at him.

You guys probably could have just mentioned that before we got into this big battle.


[Siren]: Keee.

Huh? Ohhh... How about that? Lann and Reynn have just taken their servant back.

What? Lann and Reynn are here? How is that...

I don't know. But that's a good question for when I see them.

And now Bahamut is ours.

This is the big one. Quite possibly the most popular creature/summon in the series. Bahamut has appeared in almost everything in some form or another. The only exception is FFII. He appears in every other main entry, sometimes in multiple forms (in FFVII for example, there's Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Bahamut ZERO). Bahamut is usually the strongest, or at least one of the strongest, summons in the games that he appears in. He also regularly gets story roles, such as in FFX.

Speaking of, remember WAY back when we captured Dramut? That reference to Tidus was in relation to Bahamut's role in FFX. A young boy was used to create the Aeon Bahamut. Said young boy is the one that helps Tidus along by filling him in on his role in the whole "Kill the space whale for good so we can sleep" plan.

My favourite Bahamut has always been ZERO.

Here are the 9 and 10 Girl's Diary Entries, by the way. These two came from Odin and Leviathan.

This is entry 9. Typical kid attitude, here. "What does dad know about his own wife's happiness or life? We know better than him! I mean sure, we don't exactly know what mom does... or how she does it, but we know better dammit!"

And now we find out that Wyn had a hand in the giant family fuckup as well. Apparently it's not a genetic thing. Even being adopted into the family makes you into a colossal screw up.

Also, remember kids: Gods are not wish granting genies. You don't just summon them into the world to do shit for you and then send them off when you've gotten what you want out of them.

Also also, I guess somebody told the twins what the Ultima Gate was or did? They knew to go straight to it after finding out about gods from another world. So once again, great parenting job Lusse/Rorrick (or possibly Hauyn). Great idea telling the kids that inherited your powers and obsessively collect Mirages about the gigantic summoning gate in the attic.

After finally recapturing the remaining members of the Pleiad, we kind of just get dumped off back in Anamika's room to do... something. A few new Intervention quests have appeared, but there doesn't seem to be anything of story importance.

The story progress star is still pointing to her room, but nothing's going on in there.

What we need to do is go talk to Serafie. I'm not sure if the progress star is a glitch or an oversight.

Update 33 Highlights - Let's Talk Tama

Huh? Tama? Oh, you're talking about Tamamohime. A long, loooooong time ago-- so far back that I can't put a number on it-- she and I went through some stuff, after we got mixed up with a really dangerous crowd.

You mean the Order of the Circle? Tama told me about it.

Wha?! W-well, if she dropped that name, then your Tama must be the same as the one I knew. What the schnuzz is going on, anyway?


*Remember when Reynn said she "should be able to play along"? Forget that. We're just going to openly discuss Reynn's time traveling deal now*

Dude, really? I do not remember that.

Tama... did that? Hmmm... I still don't fully buy it, but...

Guardians of Time?

Beings from the Realm of Fantasy who keep watch over this big clock, and use people's lives so as to alter the course of our history. Preposterous, right? As credible as teeth-stealing fairies.

A clock that intervenes in history?

That sounds just like that girl's tearoom.

You're right! So, does that make her a "Guardian of Time"?

Make who?

Now we need to go to Anamika's room to continue the story.

Wait! Guardians are real?! Does this mean that faeries who steal your teeth are too?!

Hm? Are you here for tea? I don't think I was expecting guests.


I cannot return any lives that were spent to traverse time. Sorry.

But... but there's gotta be...

There must be some secret trick.

Both of you are just intent on fucking with powers beyond your comprehension, aren't you?

A secret trick?

Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we track down a kyubi? Aren't they part of the same tribe of Mirages that Tama is?

I have no idea why that entire statement was in italics, but the game does it.


To manipulate time, Tama used more than one of her lives, right? If I'm not mistaken, she had what-- about nine lives total?

Why is this all in italics?! This isn't a thought or soliloquy and you can't stress an entire paragraph.

She turned back time so far she needed to use nine lives? Hmm... But you may be on to something. A Mirage from the same tribe with the same kind of soul could offer some souls in Tama's place.

And now Serafie is just weirdly floating there with her eyes closed. Wait, is that what Anamika sees when she's reading people's minds or whatever the hell she does? Weird.

Serafie, dude! Now that's a secret trick!

Hmm? Oh! Wh-what did you say again?

Or Serafie could just be spacing out. Hard to tell.

Also, that's not a secret trick, Lann. That's a loophole specific to Tama's race.

Okay. If you can bring me a kyubi, I'll help you out.

I'll try the Rumor Radar. I'll limit the search to yurugus and other fox-like Mirages like Tama.

*Later, after Serafie does her Google Rumor Radar search*

Ohhh! Look out kids, I think we have a winner!

What do you mean, "winner"?

It seems that some lady was killed in the Saronian ice fields by a giant black fox. Or so I heard.

In that case, Sherlotta might know more about it. Let's go!

Finally. I've been waiting for this moment. I need this place as one of my grinding options.

Update 33 Highlights - What does this game have against Refia?

So it's off to the Ice Region to talk to Sherlotta and get access to a place in Icicle Ridge that we honestly should have been able to get to this entire time.

*After a brief explanation of what it is we're here for*

Well, that's creepy. You're here about the black fox?

Wait, what do you mean?


I knew the woman who was killed. She was... my aunt.

Jesus, Refia. You just cannot catch a break in this game, can you?



Heh? Wait, if she's your aunt, she's gotta be... She has to be...

Yes. That's correct. She was Uncle Takka-- I mean, the thane of Saronia's wife.

Hang on. If that's a coincidence, it really is creepy.

Tell me, why do you need to find that black fox?

*Another explanation later*

I figured. Not the sharing type.

It doesn't matter. We should still try to get our hands on its prismarium.

Or even just the memento. I've got some Mirages I could transfig into that.

Then why not let me help you out? I can take you to where the fox is.

Refia, are you sure?

Yes, I'll be fine. And Reynn and Lann will be there.

Whoa whoa! Let's not forget I'm going too.

No offence Serafie, but you are not in combat shape. You wouldn't even make for a decent meat shield.

Oh, of course. Goes without saying.

Mmm-hmm. That's more like it.

Okay. Well, you be careful out there.


Oh, and you don't have to turn into a cat and follow us this time.

I know, I know. Just get going.

It should be in Icicle Ridge. There's a path, separate from the one that leads to the harbor. It's a little harder to find. Well, why don't I go on ahead? See you at the entrance!

Wait, there's a path in Icicle Ridge that leads to the harbor? News to me.

I assume she means Saronia. Oh well. Off to Icicle Ridge.

She's right near the entrance.

We did find it. I pointed it out. You could literally just look over the ledge and see the path.

So yeah, the only thing stopping us from getting access to this hidden area was the button prompt not appearing. It wasn't blocked or anything. Lann and Reynn were just selectively blind to it.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Rrraaah!

Oh, you can't be serious.

[Kyubi]: Kyaaaaaa!


What the...

It's coming from over there. Hurry!

*And the Black Kyubi books it out of here*

How is he still alive!? This guy has been killed three times! What the hell is he made of?

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Hm? Is that Refia? And you...

Uh, hiya.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Ha ha ha ha! Once again, I feel the pull of destiny!

Boy, am I really not glad to see you.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Tell me, Refia. Why is it natural I would hate that thing?

You can tell me first: who am I really talking to?

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Me? A knight of the Bahamutian Army. But this flesh I inhabit belonged to the human you so lovingly called Takka.

His body? Then you've... possessed him? So, then... where is he?

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Dead, for quite some time now.


We already know all of this. This should not be a shock to anyone.

Monster. Is that what you consider honor?!

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Oh no. Those are the rules of this world. The human body is a weakness-- the door most easily breached.


[Bahamutian Soldier]: Enough of this. You will answer my question. Why do I bear such incredibly enmity for that Mirage?

That guy whose body you're camping out in? His wife was killed by that Mirage.

If you look at that fox and feel hatred for it, it means his memory-- no, his soul still lives on inside of you.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: That's absurd. No trace of him could remain. And yet, the hatred inside of me... It is unmistakable. Heh. Heh heh heh. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Fascinating! Let us test this portentous bond, and see just how fast it holds!

Oh great. Now he's running off to go kill the Kyubi we need to get Tama back. Nice work, team. You couldn't have just told him he was crazy? Or that the Kyubi once took a shit outside and he stepped in it accidentally?


Whatever. Welcome to the Secret Slip of Icicle Ridge. This place is great for grinding (at least for a brief period of time), although there are some quests which pay out more experience per minute.

There are no items or anything to collect along the way, and the only battle I triggered was against a group of 4 White Nakks (which gave out 70k in exp). Just run to the end.

How? There's only one path in this place and it's a narrow ice bridge.

Well, it does look exactly like Tama does in her more regal form...

All right, then let's imprism it!

Oh, but don't forget that it has multiple lives. For now, forget about imprisming it. You should focus on defeating it.

All right, then that's what we'll do. Lann, you ready?

Right on. And then it can give us its souls!

Ha ha ha! All you need now is a hood and a scythe.

Kyubi's not especially strong, so it shouldn't take long to beat. If you managed Bahamut then you shouldn't be struggling against this.

Kyubi has Poison inflicting attacks as well as Dark and Fire magic. It's special ability is Blossom Storm.

It looks really cool, but it only deals out about 200-800 damage to both stacks.

And Bahamutian Soldier with the kill steal.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Hmm? What now? My heart... The anger that held it has given way to something far worse...

That's Uncle Takka-- what he would feel. My uncle would never hurt anyone, not even a fly. And he never tried to take revenge for my aunt.

Oh god, not this crap.

No matter how much you hate someone, when you lash out... it just leaves you empty. He always said so.

I am a firm non-follower of this belief. Not saying that Kyubi deserved it, because we have no idea what happened with it and Takka's wife. But the idea that "If you hate someone a lot, lashing out will only leave you empty inside" is horseshit. Some people deserve it.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: Empty... So this is how it feels to be human...

*And then Kyubi hops up and wrecks Bahamutian Soldier's shit while his back is turned*

Well, how many does it have left?!

[Bahamutian Soldier]: No wonder the thing wouldn't die, no matter how many times I killed it.


[Bahamutian Soldier]: So be it!

*And then Bahamutian Soldier jumps back in and hits Kyubi with a darkness slash or something*

Whoa! Did you see that?

Lann! These shiny things must contain the black fox's lives!

Dude, nice!

Hell yeah! Bahamutian Soldier killed it again and then we stole its last souls to sacrifice to time in order to fix Lann and Reynn's fuckup!

Everyone feeling good about themselves? Huh? You still want to celebrate that, Lann? How about you, Refia? You want to explain how revenge and hatred will leave you feeling empty but sacrificing someone else's life for personal reasons is totally guilt-free?

[Bahamutian Soldier]: So... it seems this body... and with it, my soul... must expire.

Apparently that random attack against Kyubi is what finally does Bahamutian Soldier in. Gaping chest wounds and electrocution? Totally survivable. This? Death.

It's down to two lives-- that's all you left it with. You must've... had a grueling fight.

[Bahamutian Soldier]: And yet I have nothing to show for my great struggle. Nothing at all...


[Bahamutian Soldier]: And now, it seems... my time to leave this world has come... If I may ask you... one favor. See this man is buried alongside his... beloved wife...

..... Okay... I will.

The music and Refia's crying is telling me I'm supposed to feel sad, but I don't know why I'm supposed to feel that. This guy was not a sympathetic figure.

Yeah. They're going to hold a proper funeral in Saronia.


Well, Refia's a strong girl. She's gonna be all right. Anyway! I suppose I should head over there and make myself useful.

You going on all fours?

Like I told you, it's very simple--

Cats get around?

You know it.

Still don't know what you mean by that.

So! Who wants to go back to Nine Wood Hills and bring that girl the kyubi lives we got like the bad mom bombs we are?

Sounds good.

Update 33 Highlights - Let's do the Time Warp again

Huh? Oh no. Did we botch up the job?

Hmm... It's a little unorthodox. But, this could work.

What do you mean?

Since you brought two, we'll use one to spin a new thread, and give Tama the other so that she'll have a life to spare when the time comes.

Cool! Whatever that means, let's do it!

Listen guys, I've grown to like Tama, but STOP FUCKING WITH THE WORLD! "I'll do my best to keep the changes to a minimum" is not something you want to hear when messing with time.

Um, are you sure?

It's a lot to explain, not to mention the long ritual. And since time is going to change, you won't remember anyway...

Ugh, and then the screen faded to white as time was altered again and I'm sure this couldn't Butterfly Effect into something worse.


Maybe she's so tired of your antics she finally the-flatlined. Look at the-what you've reduced her to.

Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. I have never anticked once in my entire life.

You don't even the-know what the word antics--


Huh? What? I... I was... just really happy to see you is all... That's weird.


You're a good friend.

This completes the quest "Vestiges of Life". The notice says we can claim the reward from the Adventure Log. Said reward is a Tamamohime memento and a Kyubi memento.

So now Tama can be transfigged into her true form.

And Yurugu can transfig into a Kyubi.

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