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by Psycho Knight

Part 51: Videos and Music (Plus some of the images I put together for fun that appear in the LP)

~Video List~

Highlight/Story Videos
Prologue Scenes

Update 2 Highlights (Mirage Capture, Chocolatte Intro, Serafie Intro)
Opening Animation

Update 3 Highlights
Update 4 Highlights
Update 5 Highlights
Update 6 Highlights
Update 7 Highlights
Lil' Update 1 Highlights

Update 8 Highlights
Update 9 Highlights
Lil' Update 2 Highlights

Update 10 Highlights
Update 11 Highlights
Update 12 Highlights
Lil' Update 3 Highlights

Update 13 Highlights
Update 14 Highlights
Update 15 Highlights
Update 16 Highlights
Update 17 Highlights
Update 18 Highlights
Update 19 Highlights
Lil' Update 4 Highlights

Update 20 Highlights
Update 21 Highlights
Update 22 Highlights
Update 23 Highlights
Update 24 Highlights

Update 25 Highlights
Update 26 Highlights
Update 27 Highlights
Update 28 Highlights
Update 29 Highlights
Lil' Update 5 Highlights

Lil' Update 6 Highlights
Update 30 Highlights
Update 31 Highlights
Update 32 Highlights
Update 33 Highlights
Lil' Update 7 Highlights

Lil' Update 8 Highlights
Update 34 Highlights
Update 35 Highlights
Ending Credits: World Parade
True End Post-Credits Stinger

Update 36 Highlights
Update 37 Highlights
Update 38 Highlights + Maxima Secret Ending

Champion Summons
Sephiroth (DLC) - FFVII
Balthier (DLC) - FFXII
Warrior of Light - FFI
Refia - FFIII
Tifa - FFVII
Lightning - FFXIII
Squall - FFVIII
Shelke - FFVII DoC
Bartz - FFV
Celes - FFVI
Cloud - FFVII
Shantotto - FFXI
Tidus - FFX
Terra - FFVI
Yuna - FFX

Sora (A limited time DLC Summon to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Was only available for a 2 month period and is no longer obtainable)

~Music List~

Opening Theme
Title Screen
Normal Battle 1
Victory Theme
Lann's Theme
Reynn's Theme
Chocolatte's Theme
Boss Theme
The Champions Melody
Happy Melody
Prismelody - Sherlotta
Joyride Melody
Coliseum Theme
Labyrinth of Ice
League Melody
Mega Mirage Melody
Labyrinth of Fire
Refreshing Melody
Chocobo Theme
Sunken Shrine
Giga World of Battle
Exnine Melody
Mad Dash Melody
World of the Cathedral
Castle Melody
Ex World of Battle
Silent World
Unhappy Melody
Hauyn's Melody
Last World of Battle
Ending Melody
World Parade
The Immortal Dark Dragon

Town Theme
Cornelia Castle
The Scene of Battle

Rebel Army - Firion's Theme

Battle 1

Rydia's Theme

Clash on the Big Bridge - F
Clash on the Big Bridge - C
Library of the Ancients

Edgar's Theme
Battle to the Death
The Decisive Battle

One-Winged Angel
Those Who Fight
Tifa's Theme
Mako Reactor
A Girl Named Shelke
Those Who Fight Further

Never Look Back
Don't Be Afraid
Balamb Garden

Vivi's Theme (Not actually in WoFF, which I think is a little unfair)
Festival of the Hunt

The Sending
A Fleeting Dream
Blitz Off! - Zanarkand


The Fates

Snow's Theme - F
Blinded by Light
Snow's Theme ~S~

Torn from the Heavens

Veiled in Black

The Remains of Time

~Bonus Images~

M.C.Hammer wanted in on that sweet brand deal cash that Lightning was getting, so he jumped ship as soon as our backs were turned. Such a sellout.

This just sums up the entire FFX Extended Universe, as sad as that is.

Toriyama keeps managing to break into the WoFF dev team's office to force Lightning in to whatever scenes he can.

Macho Madness is comin' at ya! Oh yeah!