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Part 22

Wednesday, March 29, 12:00



Otto Zander: Greetings Mayor. I don't know if you've met out debut android soldier, Soup-Bot.


Otto Zander: How are you today?

Mayor: Busy as usual, but probably not as much as you guys. I just have to run the city, that's easy. You guys have to defend it.

Otto Zander: Yeah, but what I wouldn't give for a mini-putt in my office. Or the time to play.

Mayor: So tell me, why did you schedule this meeting? And come all the way down to my office with this android?

*ring, ring*

Otto Zander: That would be why. Turn on your computer, we have something to discuss.

Otto Zander: This android is a representative of S.E.L.F. that we have been in contact with over the last few weeks.


Mayor: Okay, so what's this about?

Otto Zander: As I'm sure you have read in our reports, we owe a lot to the android soldiers of X-COM. They have performed above and beyond the call of duty by going into dangerous situations. Recently, two of them, units OldMold and Monkey-OD, gave their lives in the cause of defending the city. These androids willing serve X-COM because they believe in our cause, are too humble to ask for anything in return. That is why I have decided to ask for them.

Mayor: I see.

Otto Zander: We're here to inform you that X-COM and S.E.L.F. have formed an alliance. S.E.L.F. will provide us with android soldiers, and in return, X-COM has agreed to lobby for increased rights for androids. We also wish the same for the hybrids of the Mutant Alliance. While hybrids haven't proven to be effective soldiers, some of our hybrid researchers have perfected psionic interrogation techniques. These two races have been serving us, yet are being discriminated against. We've come to ask for an end to the City Edict of 2076 legalizing discrimination against them.

Mayor: Wow. Uh, as I'm sure you know there's very little I can do right now. The city is in a bit of a panic. Aliens flying around the city, Osiron rising in power from the dark alleys of the streets, and even X-COM isn't being viewed too highly right now. However, I can promise you this - when the alien war is over I'll table a motion to the senate, and we will discuss this in great length.

Otto Zander: That's acceptable.



I'm certain our new alliance with S.E.L.F. will prove to be an important part in winning this war. For every human soldier killed, nearly half have been brainsucked. Since our research has proven ineffective at preventing brainsucking, having more androids on the team will increase the longevity of our troops.

As will this new personal shield we've developed. Now that the aliens are using mainly disruptor weaponry we have a strong defense against it. MarSec armor and human flesh cannot stop disruptor beams but this shield can. Unfortunately the shield will fail and become useless once it absorbs a certain amount of damage.

Research has also finish on the remaining UFO types:

The vast improvement in power of these UFOs over the original scouts and transports is worrying. We would be helpless to stop a large attack of ships, and need something even more powerful than a Hawk Air Warrior to match them one-on-one. Once we end our spending on our new base named "Coolswa's Pad", in honor of the late soldier, we will have to save up money to buy more aircraft.


Saturday, April 1, 22:00


Evening Star has been destroyed.

I was barely able to crawl out of the rubble of Evening Star. The two fast attack ships came straight for our base, firing disruptor beams. There was no way to stop them in time. Nearly all our troops killed in their beds. All our scientists and engineers, dead! Our weaponry, alien specimens, data files, all destroyed. This is a loss that we almost certainly cannot recover from.

X-COM will to move what remains of our operations to Coolswa's Pad, but I am certain that we just lost this war. I'm now going to add a preface to my first update so that future generations may read this journal and see the mistakes we've made. Perhaps our children will be able to defeat the alien menace, for we have failed in our duty. I will continue updating my journal as long as humanity still has some fight left in it.





Saturday, April 1, 22:00


April Fools!

I tried being cute with my last journal entry, but sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction.

One assault ship, one transport and three scouts? That's all they sent? I guess the aliens must have very few of the powerful ships if this is all they can throw at us.

We're trying a new tactic for the assault ship - our troops will stand of the edge of the rut and wait for the aliens to come out at us.

Then Lege will hit them with the rocket launcher...

...leaving no trace behind.

Once they aliens stop piling out of the ship, our troops set up around the door and shoot everything that comes out. The remaining aliens inside are few in number and easy to deal with.


Sunday, April 2, 2:00


Strangleglove finally got around to examining the powerful weapons used on the alien ships. Current plasma weaponry is superior to this light disruptor beam, but we expect the larger versions to be the best beam weapon for our ships.

Regarding security for our bases - based on alien disrupor weaponry, we've developed security stations that will blast away any hostile intruders. These stations will not significantly help the defense of Evening Star...

But they will line the only entrance to Coolswa's Pad, making the base nearly unbreachable.

There was another UFO incursion.

Three scouts and two probes? THIS is worth a laugh. That's what the aliens are sending to us now? Are you kidding me?

Only one scout was shot down, the rest were accidentally destroyed in mid-air.


Monday, April 3, 12:00


The dawn of a new week means new funding.

It also means that the advanced biochemistry and quantum physics labs in Coolswa's Pad are finished. We're now just one day away from building our dimension probe and entering the alien dimension.

Our scientists were transferred over along with unresearched alien weaponry.

Only one more day remains! Waiting for our dimension probe reminds we of waiting for Christmas as a child. It just will not come soon enough!