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X-COM: Apocalypse

by GuavaMoment

Part 33

Friday, April 21, 18:00


We haven't seen another UFO enter the city since we took out their battleship. I'm hoping that they're too scared to continue attacking us in our dimension. We've taken the last few days to catch up on some research.

The alien boomeroid is a unique variant of a grenade, but our tests have proven the weapon to be unreliable. It may accidentally attack our own troops, and it lacks the punch of the vortex mine. We're not going to equip this grenade on our troops.

The Psimorph autopsy has given us hope that we've found the source of the alien intelligence. The creature has many brains, all capable of psionic ability. The capture of a live specimen is our top priority.

The Megaspawn turns out to be exactly what we expected - an extremely dangerous weapons platform.

The Psimorph and Megaspawn, like the other organic creatures and items we've recovered, all stem from the same DNA structure. The robustness and adaptability of the alien genome continues to impress our scientists.

The appearance of the alien battleship scared our quantum physicists into designing a combat craft capable of entering the alien dimension.

The explorer craft is merely an upgrade to the biotransport, and would not be suitable for combat against multiple foes.

The retaliator is a step in the right direction, but Strangleglove thinks he can do one better.

Once built, the Annihilator would be the most powerful craft in existence. It would be capable of winning one-on-one battles with the alien battleship. One annihilator would have won the First or Second Alien War by itself.


Sunday, April 23, 9:30


We've decided not to continue waiting any longer. We Come In Peace was launched into the dimension gate on a mission to destroy the alien farm once we built enough X-COM leg armor to equip the main squad.

Research has completed, and now the difficult task begins of building the annihilator. The specialized materials used in its construction are expensive, and will allow us to build one, maybe two of these craft. Building one will take days of non-stop work from our engineers. Once it's finished, it will be launched and attempt to secure air superiority in the alien dimension. If we can destroy every alien UFO, we've won the war for Earth. All that remains would be destroying the dimension gates and eliminating the last of the aliens.

Our ships are due back monday morning.