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X-COM: Apocalypse

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Part 34

Monday, April 24, 7:30


They're late. On the previous two missions the team arrived within minutes of their expected arrival time. It's been an hour.


Monday, April 24, 22:00


At this point, I'm going to have to declare our entire squad MIA. The dimension probe has an auto-recall feature that may tell us something about what's happened to our men. The probe was programmed to escort the squad to the alien building, land, and if no further instructions were received after 24 hours, it was to return to base.

Soldiers MIA: Mindfish, El Nato, Soup-Bot, Heti, Striker, Schelmdinger, Schlock, UberJew, 'Dini', YourWay, Redeker, HAL, Sair, Untalented and Dominic W-Hat. Plus Jim, if he's still alive. If something horrible happened to the entire squad it's going to be extremely difficult for us to recover from.


Tuesday, April 25, 22:55



Tech: Sir, we're finally getting something!

Otto Zander: The dimension probe, thank god. Anything else?

Tech: No, just the probe. It's returning under auto-recall.

Tech: Wait...I'm getting something else coming through the gate.

Otto Zander: Is it our transport?

Tech: Uh.....

Otto Zander: Shit.

Tech: Scanning it....holy crap, it's more powerful than the battleship by far! What do you want us to do?