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Part 12: Update/Video 12

Update/Video 12

We have learned much thanks to a human named Roscoe Ulysses Sirius. This human used to be the leader of our enemy, the X-COM, over 40 years ago. His change of heart is a long story, but the end result is that Roscoe has provided us with everything we need to win the war. Roscoe has a growing number of followers in his religion; people who believe that aliens such as ourselves are their saviors and not their enemies. In exchange for his information about X-COM, we agree to let Roscoe lead the remaining humans. Or rather, what remains of them after we're finished.

We now know the X-COM base is located off the east coast of a country called the USA - one of the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world. Their leader is a man called Otto Zander - an intelligent and clever but incredibly xenophobic person. Once before Otto Zander was faced with the choice of showing mercy to a group of aliens, or slaughtering them all. He committed genocide, and left Roscoe for dead. Worst yet, X-COM knows about me and that T'leth exists somewhere. They cannot be allowed to find this city before I am fully awake.

With the world thinking he was dead, the "resurrection" of Roscoe to the public spotlight has started to change the human public's belief about aliens in general. While we can focus on the military aspects of defeating X-COM, Roscoe can convince the people to accept us, and return our planet back to our control.

We have completed construction of our first colony. The Lobstermen manning it are working hard on creating and growing their own replacements. The Tasoth will soon be ready to use as our main soldiers. Roscoe also attempted to provide us with a powerful new weapon to help defend our colonies, but we have been unable to reliably create new ammunition for this weapon.

During the final construction/supply mission, X-COM showed up. We hope this does not mean they know about our colony. If they do, we need to destroy their main base before they destroy ours...

YouTube Part 1
Part 2
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Magnetic Navigation researched by X-COM. Magnetic Ion Armor available for use during this mission, and afterwards. Transmission Resolver now available - More detailed pre-battle information available.

Music: The Greater Good by Nine Inch Nails. All of it. One song. Something like six different remixes of it.

X-COM Soldiers attending: Pvt Scott, Beeswax, Dirtanium, Unsupervised Horse, Caecilius Eruditus, Steelion, Teledahn, Black Balloon, Jack Anderson, Noshtane, Amnistar, JesusB, Sad King Billy, and Dr Amazing.

Results:  Total Victory for the Aliens. This is getting kind of annoying, I was really hoping more of you could pull off upsets. With only 3 more (rather large) multiplayer videos to go, the pressure is on not only for someone to win, but for someone to capture a Lobsterman Commander...

Alien Sub Construction researched. MANTA, HAMMERHEAD and Displacer/Sonic now available for use.