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Part 14: Update/Video 14

Update/Video 14

The war has been going badly for us.

Our attack on the X-COM base failed, and we now know there are multiple X-COM bases all over the world. We now believe the base we did try to attack wasn't their main base; Otto Zander was not present. We still believe that we have a chance to win this war, by unleashing our most deadly weapon yet.

The Tentaculat is a creature we engineered from the DNA samples we recovered of a Chryssalid. Tentaculats are extremely fast swimmers, able to close the distance to X-COM soldiers rapidly. Once within range, Tentaculats can convert the target's genetic material into that of our choosing - namely more Tentaculats. We hope that this replicating nature of the Tentaculats will give us the edge we need to defeat X-COM's new powerful weapons. In fact we have a plan in motion to remotely create Tentaculats amongst the human population from range via molecular control...

Unfortunately our stock of Lobstermen grows low. Due to X-COM continuing to deny us the resources we need, we created a new species of soldier - one that is a deadly combatant, but easy to spawn. The result is the Tasoth.

The Tasoth clearly are not as effective as a Lobsterman, but they are cheap to make and more effective than our Aquatoid and Gillmen soldiers.

The first major attack of the Tasoth and Tentaculats was supposed to be against an X-COM base. Unfortunately, X-COM has fortified their positions, and we were unable to penetrate their defences.

Instead of attacking their base, we must now have our soldiers defend the wreckage of their ship. The battle is most likely hopeless, but viewing Tentaculats in combat might give us an edge in future battles.

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Music: Piano remixes from the soundtrack to Xenogears, and Xenogears Creid.

X-COM Soldiers attending: Tom Tucker, Johnny Thrace, Ramc, Speleothing, Manfred Kruger, Toxic Frog, Angela Christine, Alex Tankowski, Virtuality, Iamyourking, Ilanin, redreader, Humboldt Squid and Nimby.

Results:  Major victory for X-COM. Surviving soldiers include Johnny Thrace, Virtuality, Iamyourking, Ilanin, redreader, Humboldt Squid and Nimby.

Manfred Kruger, Angela Christine and Alex Tankowski suffered horrible fates.

Here's the in-game result. Bastard DID get sub construction. And he had one DPL shot left. ONE!!!

Lobsterman Commander interrogated.
Leviathan sub now available for use.